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Hafele welcomes Sachin Tendulkar as brand ambassador

Hafele welcomes Sachin Tendulkar as brand ambassador

With a century-plus international reputation as a leader in the interior solutions market, Hafele is pleased to announce that Sachin Tendulkar, the cricket icon, will serve as the brand ambassador for its Indian subsidiary. Through this alliance, two legacies known for their accuracy, dedication to quality, and moral principles come together.

Hafele is highly inspired by Mr. Tendulkar, who is regarded as the “God of Cricket” and is well renowned for his exceptional performance over a 20-year career. Mr. Tendulkar epitomises greatness, integrity, and a tireless quest of perfection.

Sachin will work closely with Hafele as a brand ambassador to maximise the value of space and further the company’s mission. Together, and motivate clients to enhance their environments with the cutting-edge interior design solutions from Hafele.

“We are honoured to welcome Sachin to the Hafele family,” says Mr. Frank Schloeder, Managing Director, Hafele South Asia. “We believe he is the perfect fit for our brand, especially given his passion for cooking and preparing delicacies in his kitchen. Who better than him to bring our contemporary interior solutions to the forefront and highlight their efficient functionality, cutting-edge technology, and enhanced aesthetics. Furthermore, his perseverance and attention to detail align perfectly with our brand values. With Sachin on board, we are eager to embark on this journey of inspiration and innovation, revolutionising the way people perceive and maximise the value of their space.”

Sachin Tendulkar, expressing his enthusiasm, says, “I am very happy to be partnering with Hafele. We embarked on this journey because we felt there was a great value match between our teams. I have been passionate about food and cooking, and a good kitchen is what enables delicious joys for every family. With young Indians aspiring to be the best at everything they do, they seek solutions that are innovative and cutting-edge. While visiting Hafele’s Design Centre, I saw this in action. The brand philosophy of maximising the value of space stood out for me. I look forward to this relationship and wish the teams at SRT Sports Management (SRTSM) and Hafele all the very best as we continue to work closely on our joint objectives.”

An unprecedented chapter has begun with Hafele and Sachin Tendulkar’s cooperation. We are excited to work with our clients to design houses that not only showcase their individual styles but also improve their quality of life on a daily basis.

For more info visit: https://www.hafeleindia.com/en/


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