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House of Hiranandani achieves WiredScore pre-certification

House of Hiranandani achieves WiredScore pre-certification

Among the first in India to receive WiredScore pre-certification, Centaurus, the commercial property owned by the House of Hiranandani in Thane, is working towards obtaining a SmartScore certification.

House of Hiranandani, a renowned real estate developer based in Mumbai, is one of the first in India to receive WiredScore pre-certification for its commercial properties. The company also intends to obtain SmartScore accreditation for the same structure. Both certifications are world-renowned for recognising excellence in digital connectivity and smart property features.

Centaurus, a 21-story commercial complex in Thane’s Hiranandani Estate, is WiredScore pre-certified and on track to achieve SmartScore certification as well. While the building has a strong digital connectivity infrastructure, the sophisticated smart BMS architecture, which is powered by AI, IoT, and ML platforms, creates a seamless working environment that prioritises both sustainability and resiliency.

WiredScore, the firm that created the WiredScore and SmartScore certifications, an internationally known digital connection and smart building grading system for real estate, assesses properties on a variety of criteria before awarding the prized awards.

It assesses the digital connectivity infrastructure to identify the building’s variety, capacity, and security. It also evaluates internet and mobile connectivity inside and outside the building to ensure rapid connections for residents and improved mobile coverage and performance. Furthermore, it assesses the resilience of the digital infrastructure through features such as power backup and flood protection. WiredScore ensures that the infrastructure is always ready and managed properly.

SmartScore assesses the existence of smart and sophisticated technology that can deliver an inspiring, convenient, and frictionless experience within the building.  Smart buildings include smart technology solutions for measuring and optimising the building’s operating carbon footprint. It confirms whether the building is operationally efficient and future-ready, allowing it to evolve with evolving technology and reducing the danger of obsolescence.

Centaurus’ unique capabilities and global certifications will give the company an exclusive character, establishing it as a benchmark in the commercial real estate industry.

According to Joseph Martin, Chief Information Officer at House of Hiranandani, “At House of Hiranandani, we take immense pride in being one of the first developers in India to be pre-certified for the WiredScore – the only global certification body for digital connectivity – for our digital and communication infrastructure at Centaurus, Hiranandani Estate, Thane.

In today’s rapidly evolving commercial real estate landscape, we understand the critical importance of reliable communication infrastructure, which is why we prioritised connectivity and digitalisation from the very inception of Centaurus.

House of Hiranandani, Centaurus, will soon complete its SmartScore certification assessment programme to qualify for the elite class (group) of a few SmartScore certified buildings globally. The commercial tower is equipped with the latest smart technology enablers, providing an efficient and safe working environment. It also offers a future-ready infrastructure, ensuring a seamless working experience.

Both of these prestigious certifications underscores our unwavering commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology across our development portfolio, providing occupants with a premier experience and value for money. It reaffirms House of Hiranandani’s status as an innovation leader, showcasing the significant technological and digital connectivity advancements available at Centaurus. We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence and innovation, setting new benchmarks in the commercial real estate industry.”

WiredScore’s VP of Asia Pacific, Thomasin Crowley, says, “House of Hiranandani’s commitment to undergoing WiredScore and SmartScore certifications for their iconic Centaurus building underscores their forward-thinking vision as a landlord, and is a testament to their unwavering dedication to delivering quality and the best experiences for occupiers. Furthermore, as one of the first building owners and developers in Mumbai to pursue these certifications, House of Hiranandani has positioned itself as a leading innovator in India, setting a global standard for digital infrastructure and smart technology.”

WiredScore is the only global certification organisation for technology in the built environment, and WiredScore certification is the only global digital connectivity rating, covering over 4500 buildings in 38+ countries and recognised by top occupiers worldwide. Similarly, SmartScore is the world’s largest smart building certification programme, with over 650 leading buildings undergoing the process. 

In an economy where digital networks are constantly expanding due to advances in cloud computing, hybrid working, and the proliferation of connected devices used by individuals, and the need for a safe, secure, and efficient work environment is critical, WiredScore and SmartScore certifications, as well as other certifications such as LEED and WELL, which focus on sustainability and well-being, are extremely important.

For more information, visit: https://www.houseofhiranandani.com/


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