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Illuminate workplace with human-centric lighting

Illuminate workplace with human-centric lighting

This interview explores the nuances of one of Synoda Electrical’s most notable projects, the corporate office of “Amba Shakti,” which skillfully combines ergonomics, art, and the future to create a calming work environment.

Can you share one of your best projects and walk us through the concept, challenges faced, and how you approached the lighting design?
We have completed the corporate office of “Amba Shakti” in the centre of Delhi. The concept for the architecture company is based on three keywords: Art, Future and Ergonomics, which formed the basis for the architectural and lighting design. Architecture and design were defined in the initial stage of the project, with the lighting complementing the architects’ intention and accentuating the design ideas. A lot of aluminium jali and acoustic ceilings have been used in the project. Selecting the right lighting fixtures for spaces with metal jali and acoustic ceilings can be challenging due to their unique characteristics. We aimed to seamlessly integrate lighting and fixtures into the architecture, fostering a serene environment for the workers. Human-centric Lighting – This philosophy prioritises people, their needs, and activities at the core of lighting design. It entails purposeful light placement only where human perception necessitates it, constituting a crucial aspect of sustainable lighting practices.

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Regarding technology, which lighting innovations or tools do you find most exciting or impactful in your recent projects?
IoT products help create a perfect working environment and energy saving. We have used sensors that detect occupancy, ambient light levels, and motion. These sensors enable automated adjustments to lighting conditions, optimising energy consumption by turning lights on or off based on real-time needs. Also, IoT-based lighting products are designed to support circadian rhythm and enhance overall well-being. They can dynamically adjust colour temperature and intensity throughout the day, mimicking natural sunlight patterns to promote better sleep and alertness.

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How would you describe your design aesthetic when it comes to lighting? Are specific themes, styles, or elements consistently inspiring your work?
When describing my design aesthetic in lighting, I draw inspiration primarily from nature. Nature is a rich source that profoundly influences the aesthetic and functional dimensions of the lighting solutions I create. This inspiration manifests in various ways, incorporating reflection, refraction, shadows, hues, and dynamism. In my designs, you’ll find a reflection of the organic beauty of the natural world. The interplay of light and shadow, mirroring the patterns seen in nature, becomes a key element.


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