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India stands as the second-largest elevator supplier

India stands as the second-largest elevator supplier

India is making rapid progress in various fields, including defence, aerospace, manufacturing, services, technology, space research, maritime exploration, agriculture, and more. It is making a concerted effort to develop itself and is among the top few nations in nearly every category.

Indians and Indian-made commodities are largely visible around the world. Technology and information dissemination are now extremely simple, effective, and economical because of their communication and transportation infrastructure advances.

The Indian escalator and elevator sector is growing rapidly, building a strong international profile and attracting more international businesses to the Indian market. All of the major global elevator firms operate in the Indian market. Companies that have developed manufacturing plants in India include KONE, Otis, Schindler, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., TK Elevator, Fujitec, Hitachi Ltd., Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd., Toshiba Corp., and others. Multinational firms with India-based subsidiaries support their worldwide counterparts by providing skilled workers and spare parts. KONE India exports completed materials to its other divisions.


KONE announced it will begin producing escalators in India and contribute to its parent company’s R&D efforts. Rapid technological advancements, India’s entrepreneurial spirit, financial resources, skilled labour force strength, and supportive government regulations are all contributing to the Indian elevator industry’s success in the global elevator market, as well as attracting new investors to the country.

KONE India’s largest capacity passenger elevator, Jio World in Mumbai, exemplifies a global technical partnership. It features five stops, a capacity of 200 passengers/16 tonnes, and an internal floor area of 25.78 m2, making it the first of its kind. Regarding high-speed elevators, the fastest elevator in the world, erected by Hitachi in China, can only move at 8 metres per second.

Following China, India is the world’s second-largest supplier of elevators. Many business enterprises in India export their products and services to other countries. The elevator export sector in India is valued at approximately $9.44 million and exports to nearly 97 countries.


Indian elevator firms hardly ever enter the global elevator components industry despite the sizeable global market. The global market for elevator components is projected to be about $50 billion, with the Indian elevator sector accounting for only approximately 0.3 percent. Indian elevator industry should concentrate on this grey zone. In addition to cost, quality must be the priority. To acquire recognition in the global elevator market, Indian products must meet international quality requirements.

The advantage is that production costs are low. India can considerably impact the elevator component industry by aligning the goods with global quality standards. The industry members’ technical expertise, as well as regulatory restrictions, can help make a significant contribution to the worldwide elevator component market. Undoubtedly, Indian elevator manufacturers would take this seriously and work hard to meet international standards to contribute more to the global elevator component market.


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