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MAD Architect’s nature-inspired Lishui Airport design

MAD Architect’s nature-inspired Lishui Airport design

With great pride, MAD Architects presents the plan for Lishui Airport in Zhejiang Province, which would improve the “forest city” of Lishui.

The airport is expected to stimulate local transportation and the local economy, in addition to luring tourists into the heart of the area’s breathtaking natural surroundings.

MAD Architecture _ ACE

The 2,267-hectare airport, which is 15 kilometres southwest of Lishui City, is shaped to blend in with the undulating hills, becoming a landmark that honours the harmony of architecture and landscape.

Ma Yansong, the Founder of MAD Architects, stated, “Lishui is a garden city, and her airport should also be in a garden. As a municipal airport, Lishui Airport embodies the essence of transportation facilities as a public space, prioritising convenience, human scale, and city identity over sheer size and extravagance.”

MAD Architecture _ ACE

The terminal rises naturally from the ground, drawing inspiration from the nearby rivers and hills. Its silver-white roof resembles that of an Alpine bird about to take off. The inside is also influenced by the design, with warm wood tones and a “shuttle-shaped” skylight creating an aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient area that melds the lines between inside and outside.

With plans to develop a second international terminal and accommodate growing passenger volumes—1.8 million by 2030, 5 million by 2050—the airport’s architecture accounts for future growth. By the end of 2024, the Lishui Airport will have finished construction and be open for business.

For more info visit: http://www.i-mad.com/


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