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Melding Karnataka and Japanese cultures in a sustainable design

Melding Karnataka and Japanese cultures in a sustainable design

“Our design for the Lexus showroom embodies the pleasing combination of Karnataka and Japanese cultures, creating a space where sustainability and cultural richness converge to deliver an extraordinary experience.” Ar.Mueen Haris, Founder, Ds2Architecture.

This interaction delves into the commercial interior project “the Lexus showroom,” which is a blend of Karnataka and Japanese rich culture with the integration of sustainable design elements.

Can you provide an overview of one of your projects that you find particularly inspiring? What aspects of this project challenge or excite you the most?
In Bangalore, India, DS2 Architecture designed the Lexus Showroom, a commercial interior design project bridging the cultures of Karnataka and Japan. Time, language, context, and ethos are all intertwined in the design. The exterior facade is influenced by the iconic Lexus grille, which resembles a spindle.

Lexus _ ACE

In the context of environmental sustainability, how do you incorporate eco-friendly elements into your designs for this project?
Designed by combining elements from Karnataka and Japan, the Lexus showroom is an encapsulation of time, language, context, and ethos. All elements interact to create Lexus’s brand slogan, “Experience amazing,” in unison. A fusion of different cultures is accentuated and celebrated through myriad elements interplaying in between these spaces. The Sangam Jali separates the customer area from the display area, creating an intimate area for customer interactions. The partition is decorated with patterns inspired by Indian and Japanese greetings, Namaste and Omotenashi, respectively, bringing out sustainability in various elements.

Ds2Architecture Lexus _ ACE

What innovative materials or textures have you recently integrated into your designs, and how do they contribute to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space?
Located in Richmond Circle, Bengaluru, a part-commercial and residential area with heavy traffic, the external façade was influenced by the iconic grill designs of Lexus cars. An L-shaped trellis encircles the showroom as part of the framework of the external facade, and the frame extends into the interior as an L-shaped trellis. By hiding services and maximising the display area volume, the frame creates an interesting visual dialogue and hides services. There is a customer zone, a display zone, an experience zone, a wash area, and a mezzanine floor (incorporating the conference and medical room). With a spindle identity and terminating as the Lexus logo, the L palette unit facility becomes a facility desk oriented towards the entrance. A baffle ceiling is inspired by the headlight profile of the car. As a strong historical element from the “Vijaynagara Dynasty,” the backlight plexiglass draws inspiration from a provincial-aged jaali pattern.

Ds2Architecture Lexus _ ACE

How do you see global architectural trends influencing the work of architects in India?
The rise of global architectural trends has significantly impacted Indian architects. Architects in India now have access to information and inspiration from across the globe, allowing them to explore innovative ideas and push the boundaries of design.

For more info visit: https://www.ds2.in/


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