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Modern modular kitchens for new-age homeowners

Modern modular kitchens for new-age homeowners

Dhruv Trigunayat talks about the core design aspects of modular kitchens and how they work to enhance the quality of life.

Interior design is about curating comfort; according to you, what is a “good” design?

A good design creates a meaningful space that fulfills the needs of the inhabitant and optimizes their home spaces efficiently. While curating a design, it is necessary to carefully select the décor elements, modular furniture, materials, and texture that reflect the overall theme of the design. The goal is to create a personal space that works together in a mild form and provides practical functionality. These elements are essential as it helps creating positive vibes and energy around the house that work towards
improving the quality of life.

Considering all the complexities, needs, and necessities, what should today’s kitchens look like?

Today’s new–age homeowners demand a modern kitchen that provides a sleek, sturdy, and stylish look to complement their way of living. The kitchen design should be ergonomic, providing maximum storage space and easy-to- use access. In addition to their many styles and sizes, modular kitchens are known for their water-resistant and termite-resistant features, increasing their durability further.

What are the technical specifications while designing a modular kitchen?

The modular kitchen design is done using a ‘5 Zone Concept’. The kitchen area is divided into five core space areas during the designing process – Cooking, Preparation, Edible, Cleaning and Culinary zones. The ‘Cooking’ zone is utilized for arranging a cooking hob, chimney, oven or even a whole cooking range. The ‘Preparation’ zone
covers the countertop area used for food preparation. The ‘Edible’ zone is the space to store all the edible items in the kitchen, such as food, spices, fruits, vegetables etc. This zone includes refrigerator and storage units like drawers and cabinets. The ‘Cleaning’ zone consists of a sink, garbage bin and dishwasher. And last but not least, the ‘Culinary’ zone includes space for the items such as pots, pans, dishes, silverware and other culinary necessities. Additionally, the Work Triangle must be kept in mind, which focuses on creating a triangular shape between the placement of your cooking hob, sink & refrigerator in any kitchen shape, ensuring better workflow.

Which materials do you prefer the most, which are energy efficient and resemble the modern look and feel of your kitchen?

The modular kitchens are manufactured using various options, such as high- quality plywood and steel. Steel and wooden modular kitchens offer an extensive selection of finishes. The wooden texture can be applied to a steel body & no one will know it is steel. Additionally, these materials are efficient at managing moisture, are resistant to boiling water, and are eco-friendly, resulting in a stylish-looking modular kitchen.




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