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Multipurpose LED Tri-proof luminaries by A&A Global Resources

Multipurpose LED Tri-proof luminaries by A&A Global Resources

Professionally made dust and waterproof-resistant injection moulded and extruded luminaires made using glass reinforced plastics are used for multiple applications.


LED modules designed and manufactured by us make all these LED luminaries extremely energy efficient. Main advantages The luminaries meet food law requirements (HACCP) and are highly resistant to various detergents and chemicals and also withstanding high pressure jet water (IP69 on request). The glass-reinforced plastics used in these luminaries withstand the glow wire test, making them flame retardant.

Field of application

These LED fixtures ensure a high level of protection (IP66, IP67, and IP69) against dust, contamination, and water permeation; hence, they are widely used to illuminate spaces in dusty, humid environments. The co-extruded PMMA profile allows the placement of these LED fixtures in the farming industry or food processing industries. It is also used to provide light between the plants—without unwanted heat generation—and as an additional light source for tall greenhouse vegetation. This is an ideal choice for lightweight foil tents or greenhouses with a low ceiling. The light fixture’s specially designed shape is adapted for low ambient temperatures of up to -30 o, making it suitable for use in cold storage areas. It is widely used outdoors and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20° to 45°. The glass-reinforced plastic materials are flame retardant, and these fixtures can also be used for hazardous area lighting.


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