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Nexion tiles sponsors the Darpana Academy

Nexion tiles sponsors the Darpana Academy

The Darpana Academy of Performing Arts in Ahmedabad, India, and Nexion, an Indo-Italian firm that leads the industry in producing high-quality sintered stone, have partnered through sponsorship.

One of Ahmedabad’s leading figures, Mallika Sarabhai, suggested this partnership. She obtained her MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and her PhD from Gujarat University. Mallika made a name for herself as an accomplished actress, a well-known campaigner, and a revered Indian classical dancer.

Mallika is the daughter of Mrinalini Sarabhai, the founder of the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts and a well-known Indian classical dancer, and Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, a well-known scientist and development figure in India who is regarded as the country’s father of the space programme. Mallika is currently in charge of the Darpana Academy, which protects and advances India’s rich cultural legacy.

Mallika Sarabhai and Nexion decided to collaborate for three years to support an artist residence at the Darpana Academy this year. Thanks to Nexion, Laura Fasciolo, a well-known Italian set designer with years of experience in theatrical and museum exhibitions related to iconography and bibliography, and Massimiliano Troiani, a renowned Italian director and son of a master in cinematographic photography who is already known worldwide for his work in theatre and documentaries, were hosted in India. Shakespeare’s Macbeth was reinterpreted by Massimiliano, who included aspects of Indian and Italian culture. The 44th Vikram Sarabhai International Arts Festival of Natarani, Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, hosted the show’s debut, in which Mallika starred in a major role. The production will now go on tour.

Macbeth performed by the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts _ ACE

Mallika Sarabhai, founder of the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, expressed her joy in the collaboration, stating, “Working on Macbeth with Massimiliano was a delightful experience. His diverse background as a theatre director, filmmaker, and puppeteer aligns well with the varied artistic fields at Darpana. The synergy between our culture and artistic approach allowed for the emergence of new and exciting elements during the collaboration.

She added, “The collaboration between Darpana and Nexion has been fuelled by a shared passion for the arts. Nexion’s founder, Luca, recognises the humanising power of the arts and believes in providing support without interfering with the artistic vision. “

Luca Majocchi, CEO of Nexion, stated, “Since its inception, we have brought the Italian way of doing business to India. With our commitment to societal contribution, we seamlessly align with Darpana Academy, celebrated for its rich legacy in promoting art and culture. Massimiliano’s participation in the residency further underscores our shared dedication and efforts. This commitment extends to our core values, where we prioritise people’s well-being through the consistent delivery of high-quality products. Our holistic approach interweaves cultural exchange and community well-being, creating a meaningful connection between our values and endeavours.”

Macbeth performed by the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts _ ACE

Massimiliano Troiani, Italian Director, mentioned, “Embarking on a collaborative journey with Darpana is a captivating experience within a culturally rich environment, where artistic and technical talents seamlessly unite. My initial collaboration dates back to 2000, when I directed a performance inspired by the ancient Latin tale Aeneid. This journey emphasises the lasting connection between India and Italy over the years, based on cultural connections that go beyond mere economic or political factors. Italy has contributed to scholars like Giuseppe Tucci and Weaver, enriching the understanding of Indian culture. Indian philosophy continues to captivate Italy, from poetry to pedagogical studies, as exemplified by Maria Montessori, who found inspiration in meeting Mahatma Gandhi.”

The project aimed to celebrate the rich cultural legacies of both India and Italy and build a bridge across them. In addition to celebrating artistic and creative endeavours, the partnership fostered mutual learning, cultural exchange, and communal well-being by fortifying links between domestic and global groups.  Nestled between the two worlds, Ahmedabad serves as a meeting point and is also home to Nexion’s headquarters and manufacturing plant.

Not only do enterprises and goods come to life here, in the centre of Ahmedabad, but personal relationships that cut over distances also flourish.

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