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Nippon Paint’s commitment for eco friendly solutions

Nippon Paint’s commitment for eco friendly solutions

Nippon Paint Pioneers the Future: A Commitment to Net Carbon Zero, Innovative Eco-Friendly Formulations, and Holistic Well-being in Decorative Paint, Mahesh Anand, President, Nippon Paint India.

“Nippon Paint is dedicated to achieving Net Carbon Zero, channelling our efforts in research and development and innovation towards eco-friendly formulations, consumer-centric smart paints, and circular economy principles. Beyond mere colour selection, the future of decorative paint promises a comprehensive experience by incorporating colour therapy for mental well-being. Well-researched formulations are specifically geared towards crafting personalised paints that evoke positive emotions and enhance mental clarity in living spaces, seamlessly combining health, safety, and consumer connection. With a focus on overall well-being, the future of decorative paints is expected to develop antibacterial paints, which will no longer be a luxury but a necessity in addressing health concerns. Advanced formulations with extended efficacy, low VOC content, and eco-friendliness will be given more priority. Going beyond safety considerations, our consumer-centric approach integrates personalisation, fostering a more engaging and meaningful connection with evolving preferences.”

Nippon Paint, Asia’s foremost paint and coatings Solutions Company, has officially unveiled its eagerly anticipated Trend beyond Colours guidebook with the captivating theme “AWAKEN.” The goal of the guidebook is to move beyond conventional colour theories and concentrate on expanding the realm of creativity, motivating architectural environments, encouraging happy emotions, and permitting distinctive manifestations of personality and originality. Most importantly, Nippon Paint wants to do all of this while yet being conscious of the demands of modern society.

The aim of the Trend Beyond Colours guidebook for the 2024–2025 edition is to go beyond geographical limitations. It stimulates a positive outlook on life and a revitalised mindset. According to Jo-Lynn Yap, Senior Manager for Group Colour Leadership, “Through AWAKEN, we are starting a new chapter by rediscovering the power of quiet, the beauty of harmony, the strength of renewal, and the joy of self-expression. We encourage you to wake up to a new dawn and move forward with optimism and purpose,” she shared during her presentation.

For more info visit : https://www.nipponpaint.co.in/


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