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Nuance Studio collabs with Woodlabs for timber slats

Nuance Studio collabs with Woodlabs for timber slats

Pioneers in surface design, Nuance Studio is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Woodlabs Bangalore to launch a cutting-edge line of timber slats that incorporates the revolutionary Litheoz Concrete Technology. This creative use of concrete design elevates the artistry of hardwood surfaces to previously unheard-of levels, demonstrating Nuance Studio’s dedication to state-of-the-art materials and careful construction.

The innovative development in concrete surface design known as Litheoz Concrete Technology forms the basis of this partnership. With the use of this technology, Nuance Studio can precisely imprint wood grains and knots, as well as other subtleties of genuine wood textures, into concrete surfaces. The end product is an unmatched concrete wood texture that offers the strength and adaptability of concrete along with the spirit of wood.

“Our partnership with Woodlabs Bangalore is not just about crafting surfaces; it’s about redefining what’s possible in design,” says Ajaay Srinivaas, Founder at Nuance Studio. “Litheoz Concrete Technology allows us to create surfaces that not only mimic the organic beauty of wood but also offer the strength and flexibility of concrete. It’s a game-changer in the world of surface design.” He adds.

The collection of wooden slats by Litheoz Concrete Technology _ ACE

Litheoz Concrete Technology is expertly integrated into this partnership by Woodlabs Bangalore, a company well-known for its attention to detail and proficiency in woodworking. This collection’s hardwood slats serve as both a visual treat and a demonstration of how cutting-edge technology and time-honoured workmanship can coexist.

“With Litheoz Concrete Technology, we can push the boundaries of what’s achievable in wood,” says Abhirup Dutta and Deepthashree Saha, founders of Woodlabs Bangalore. “The precision with which this technology replicates the intricate details of wood on concrete is truly remarkable. It aligns perfectly with our commitment to creating furniture pieces that are not just functional but works of art.”

Experience the development of surface design with Nuance Studio and Woodlabs Bangalore’s latest range of wooden slats, which features Litheoz Concrete Technology. Discover concrete and wooden textures that combine sustainability, technology, and the ageless charm of wood seamlessly.

For more info visit: http://www.thenuancestudio.com


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