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Polyurethane liquid treatment is a trend now

Polyurethane liquid treatment is a trend now

Ms. Viha Chitroda discusses how Maris Polymers provide accomplished solutions for diverse waterproofing challenges. 

Could you shed some light on the various products Maris Polymer offers?

Maris Polymers India offers a plethora of options as far as liquid applied waterproofing/floor coatings are concerned. Be it a retaining wall, wet areas, planter boxes, metal roofs, podium slabs or swimming pools; Maris has it all! Polyurethane liquid applied waterproofing being the latest trend; is definitely the bright future for the waterproofing industry.

What are the various projects where these solutions are implemented?

We are proud to share that we have been a proven & accomplished solution provider for diverse waterproofing challenges. Industrial, commercial, hospitality, residential, amenities, etc. are our project lines from the broader perspective point of view. We are in the process of diversifying the ‘applications’ of products from our wide product basket. Upcoming government infra projects & the white labelling business are the niche areas of target for our exponential growth towards the rising demands of the construction chemicals industry.

How does Joint Solutions by Maris Polymers help accentuate cracking in surfaces?

Following the ideal step-wise systemic the only way to achieve optimum results using the chosen products. Rightly treating the major cracks, pre-applying the primer & reinforcing on-woven geo-textile fabric with an eye to increase the tensile strength tithe system are the correct ways towards crack-free treatment.

How do you ensure the quality of your products?

Having set SOP’s right from material purchasing to packing & rightly storing the finished products plays a major role in standardizing product quality. The journey of quality assurance begins right from testing all the raw materials upon arrival & accepting them after meeting the desired requirements; upto testing the finished products prior to packaging. All our team members are thoroughly trained to skilfully attempt their duties, therefore not hampering our brand name by any means.


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