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Pragyan 2024: A step towards sustainable approach

Pragyan 2024: A step towards sustainable approach

The journey to Pragyan ’24 has been filled with workshops, events, and outreach initiatives designed to broaden the use of technology to encompass all facets of society.

Colleges throughout the country have entered Ingenium, a highly anticipated national technical competition. This flagship event provides a platform for young technocrats to showcase their inventiveness through inventions and developments. Defence technology, the environment, and healthcare are this year’s Ingenium’s main topics. The tournament promises to be an exciting ride to the finish, especially since the first round of picks has already been revealed.

Pragyan’s main hardware hackathon will conclude with Sangam hosting the final stages in partnership with SCIEnT. Sangam has created issue statements that will form the foundation of fierce competition, alluding to this year’s topics of healthcare, environment, and defence technology.

Another fantastic year for the Pragyan Blog was marked by a wide range of literary posts on different subjects. The Pragyan Blog was a treasure trove of information on everything from the history and development of architecture to the mysteries of mathematics and the science of religion.

This Pragyan Podcast episode featured informative podcasts such as “A Med-evil Conversation,” which addressed the underrepresentation of women in the medical field, and “An Illuminating Conversation,” which illuminated fascinating conspiracies.

Pragyan’s Social Responsibility developed a project called Bag of Delights for outreach events to enhance the environment and atmosphere for kids attending government schools, which has benefited hundreds of students.

On November 4, 2023, IgNITTe and the technical clubs of NIT Trichy organised an educational outreach initiative dubbed Techids 2.0, which gave over 300 schoolchildren an experiential introduction to the world of innovation and technology. A plethora of technology seminars and career counselling sessions helped expose the young, aspiring students to a wide range of opportunities.

On January 27, 2024, at the Virtusa Navalur Campus in Chennai, there was a 32-hour hackathon called Hack-a-thon. Participants tackled problem statements related to blockchain, environmental sustainability, and smart cities.

India became the first nation to land on the Moon’s South Pole as ISRO accomplished a historic feat on August 23, 2023. Pragyan’s Space Week honoured the brains and heroes who contributed to this historic achievement with a variety of guest lectures and social media posts, including one from the amazing lunar mission’s director, Dr. P. Veeramuthuvel.

Presented by Pragyan ’24 in partnership with the Technical Council, INHOTTS is a captivating and reflective 12-day series of challenges and innovative competitions. The technical clubs of NITT carefully selected workshops for newcomers in a variety of technical fields and practices, from software to consulting. First-year students thoroughly enjoyed the event, which was designed with incentives and possibilities to test participants’ cognitive skills with the possibility of amazing monetary rewards. Without its numerous events, which are organised into seven clusters this time, Pragyan would not be the same.

Events from the management domain, including Marketing Hub, Budget Showdown, Beer Factory, and Arcadia, are presented by MANIGMA and will test participants’ business acumen. Aspiring business owners have a rare opportunity to present their concepts to a group of early-stage investors at Start-Up Arena. The strategy coding cluster BYTEHOC will test players in TimeWarp, Code Character, Watch Tower, Tensor Craft, and the highly competitive capture of the Flag events. Meanwhile, the robotics cluster ROBOSPIRE will host activities including Aero Rush, Fist of God, and Submerge.

Games like Friendly Feud, Clique and Clues, and the much-awaited Pragyan Main Quiz are all part of the event cluster called PANDORA’S BOX. Even though this cluster is ideal for a more laid-back encounter, you never know when the competition will pick up steam. Puzzle cluster PHRONESIS hosts events including Sherlocked, Echoes of Eternity, Bounty Quest, and The Enigma Challenge. This cluster is for you if you like solving puzzles and deciphering code.

Events like Blueprint, Digitrix, and Pixel Pirates are provided by PIXALETTE as a unique UI/UX challenge. In the meantime, events spanning electrical, mechanical, automotive, and aerospace engineering, such as Old Town Road, Water Rocketry, Aviatum, and Circuitrix, bring worlds colliding in the INNOVIX cluster. In addition to a plethora of fascinating events, Pragyan is going to present several informative and entertaining guest talks. You can be sure that there will be plenty of insight and inspiration with a line-up that includes Nobel Laureate Dr. Richard Robert, former FBI agent Scott Augenbaum, writer Shreya Dasgupta, writer Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, writers Anuj Dhar and Chandrachur Ghose, and the savant Arsh Ali. Workshops, where industry experts will offer thought-provoking, hands-on sessions in certain technology specialisations, will be a crucial part of the Pragyan ’24 experience. With workshops on CMOS Analogue Circuit Design by Texas Instruments, creating cutting-edge AI applications on the MAX7800X microprocessor by Analogue Devices, ethical hacking and cyber security by HT India Labs, and many more by Cybage, Latent View, Upstox, KPMG, Intuit, and Autodesk, Pragyan ’24 offers a wide range of workshops catered to diverse fields.

Furthermore, Pragyan ’24’s exhibits of cutting-edge robotics technology will excite participants. Amazing technological prowess will be on exhibit in the form of the Bionic Quadrupled Robot, the Multi Humanoid Robot Show, the Gesture-Controlled Drone Experience, and the UAV Drone by Garuda Aerospace. These exhibits give an idea of what the future might bring as well as the untapped potential that lies behind obstacles that could be overcome with inventive thinking.

Pragyan ’24 also takes pride in having an amazing array of performers for their infotainment events. The Light Crew will dazzle the arena with their LED Flow Act, while the Kashi Fire Crew will set the stage ablaze with their Fire Act. Pragyan ’24 also includes infotainment performances by Aerial Acts India and LED Poi. The multilingual indie-folk group When Chai Meets Toast will perform on the last day of Pragyan ’24.

See the pinnacle of intelligence in Pragyan ’24, where the exciting climax of Sangam and Ingenium takes place. The brightest minds in the nation will captivate the audience with their innovative ideas and compelling case studies while they are evaluated by a panel of judges with vast experience.

Pragyan provides a diverse range of engaging and enjoyable activities, meaning that there is something for everyone. Have a great time in Pragyan ’24!

For more info visit: https://pragyan.org/24/


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