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Pragyan ’24 unveils cutting-edge workshops and technological marvels

Pragyan ’24 unveils cutting-edge workshops and technological marvels

This 20th edition of Pragyan seeks to surpass previous years’ achievements and make a lasting impression on the fest’s ongoing heritage, all in keeping with the legacy that Pragyan has developed over the years.

The National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli established in 1964, has grown to become one of the country’s top educational institutions, offering top-notch instruction to students from a diverse variety of backgrounds. With an NIRF ranking of nine, NIT Trichy is the nation’s top engineering college.

NIT Trichy students created the first Pragyan in 2005 to encourage young minds to be creative and innovative. An annual techno-managerial festival that began modestly has developed into a student-run organisation that presents 6,000 people in person and over 60 nations through online events. The accreditation Pragyan has obtained for Sustainable Event Management (SEM) ISO 9001 and 20121 represents the apex of its remarkable growth. With this designation, it became the first student-run organisation in the world and the third overall, behind the London Olympics and Manchester United. Pragyan has always provided a platform for kids to showcase their inventiveness and allows them to exchange ideas with others all over the country.

Laxmesh BH, Vice President and Head of Missiles & Aerospace Business, L&T Defence, Larsen & Toubro, are the main guests on this edition of Pragyan. He is a mechanical engineer who has received top-ups in management and leadership from INSEAD Singapore, Michigan’s Ross Institute of Leadership, and the SP Jain Institute of Management. He has completed important and strategic projects for ISRO, BARC, and DRDO, the D-N-A development triangle. He is actively aiming to establish India as a worldwide space hub with the goal of “making India safer, stronger, and more self-reliant collectively.”

As the Pragyan Rover created history on August 23, 2023, India became the first country to step foot on the Moon’s South Pole. With a variety of guest lectures and social media posts highlighting people like Dr. P. Veeramuthuvel, the mission director of the amazing lunar mission, Pragyan’s Space Week paid tribute to the heroes and brains who laboured on this historic effort.

With its events organised into seven main groups, Pragyan boasts a unique forum. They include many different fields such as robotics (ROBOSPIRE), coding (BYTEHOC), management (MANIGMA), and many more. The Pragyan Main Quiz, Startup Arena, Water Rocketry, Fist of God, and Capture the Flag are just a few of the exciting events that participants may anticipate.

Experts who are well-known in their professions will be giving guest lectures in this edition of Pragyan. The distinguished speakers include Dr. Richard Robert, the 1993 winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine; Shreya Dasgupta, the Director of Analogue Devices and an NITT alumnus; Scott Augenbaum, a former FBI agent and trainer in cybercrime prevention; Arsh Ali, the youngest archaeologist in India; Seshasayee Kanthamraju, the current Chief Executive Officer of Ramoji Film City and the former Executive Director of Studios Marketing, Corporate Communications and Citizenship at The Walt Disney Company; Savio Mascarenhas, Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, the Chief Leadership Coach and best-selling book; Anuj Dhar and Chandrachur Ghose, the authors of “Conundrum”; and the Group Art Director of Amar Chitra Katha and illustrator of Shikari Shambhu. The gripping Crossfire on the subject of “War and Social Change: Revolution vs. Non-Violence” is also presented by Pragyan ’24. With M. Rangarajan Ravi serving as moderator, the packed panel of guests—which includes Amar Farooqui, Kapil Kumar, Chandrachur Ghose, Bijay Nair, Anuj Dhar, Mallika Joseph, and Sanjeev Kumar—will engage in a heated debate that students will have the chance to watch.

Pragyan aims to use the best communication methods to reach as many people as possible. Another prosperous year for the Pragyan Blog was marked by a lineup of literary works addressing a range of topics. The Pragyan Blog is a treasure trove of information covering topics such as the science of religion, mathematical mysteries, and architectural history. Enlightening episodes like “A Med-evil Conversation,” which addressed the undervaluation of women in healthcare, and “An Illuminati(ng) Conversation,” which illuminated fascinating conspiracy ideas, were included in this season of the Pragyan Podcast.

The public’s attention has also been drawn to Pragyan’s appearance on several other platforms, including radio stations and newspapers. Pragyan ’24 has several prominent sponsors, including Larsen & Toubro, Cisco, TVS Apache, Bharat Versity, and NLC. This Pragyan edition’s topic is Chronicle: A Story of Time. With only a few days left for the festival, get ready to explore the thin boundaries between the past, present, and future by jumping the warp.

Workshops, where industry leaders offer thought-provoking, hands-on sessions in specific technology specialisations, are a crucial part of the Pragyan ’24 experience. A wide range of workshops are available at Pragyan ’24, including CMOS Analogue Circuit Design by Texas Instruments, Analogue Devices’ creation of cutting-edge AI applications on the MAX7800X microprocessor, HT India Labs’ cyber security and ethical hacking, and numerous others from Cybage, Latent View, Upstox, KPMG, Intuit, and Autodesk.

Furthermore, Pragyan ’24’s exhibits of cutting-edge robotics technology will motivate attendees. Amazing technological prowess will be on exhibit in the form of the Bionic Quadrupled Robot, the Multi Humanoid Robot Show, the Gesture-Controlled Drone Experience, and the UAV Drone by Garuda Aerospace. These exhibits give an idea of what the future might bring as well as the untapped potential that lies behind obstacles that could be overcome with inventive thinking.

Pragyan hosts Sangam and Ingenium as part of the event each year to promote unconventional thinking. With their inventions and ideas, the event hopes to provide aspiring technocrats with a platform to display their talents. Sangam is an intra-NITT competition, whereas Ingenium is limited to young tech enthusiasts from outside of NITT. Themes for this year include healthcare, the environment, and defence technologies. Watch as the most intelligent people in the nation captivate the audience with their innovative ideas and compelling case studies while they are evaluated by an experienced panel of judges.

Pragyan’s infotainment presentations consistently exceed the audience’s expectations with each new edition. This year’s infotainment performers will bring excitement and joy to the festival. The Light Crew promises to dazzle the arena with its LED Flow Act, while the Ashi Fire Crew will light up the stage with their Fire Act. Incredible performances by Aerial Act India are also featured in Pragyan ’24. On the last day, there are performances by Naresh Iyer and the Non-Violinist Project.

Pragyan created a social responsibility wing in 2012 to give back to the community. Since then, the wing has introduced several programmes aimed at assisting various social groups. The goal of the second Techids event was to provide a platform for intelligent youth to learn about technology. Students in grades 11 and 12 might participate in interactive workshops as well as career counselling sessions. Pragyan’s social responsibility project, Bag Of Delights, which strives to improve the ambience and surroundings for kids attending government schools, has benefited hundreds of kids. On January 27, 2024, at the Virtusa Navalur Campus in Chennai, there was a 32-hour Hackathon where participants took on problem statements related to blockchain, environmental sustainability, and smart cities.

For more info visit: https://pragyan.org/24/


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