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Precast overhead tanks: Revolutionising water storage to ensure “Har Ghar Jal”

Precast overhead tanks: Revolutionising water storage to ensure “Har Ghar Jal”

In the efforts to enhance the quality of life in rural areas, India’s government’s Jal Jeevan Mission shines as a symbol of progress. This leading endeavour guarantees a reliable and economical provision of safe drinking water, emphasising the vital aspects of water management, infrastructure enhancement, and community involvement.

Understanding the Jal Jeevan mission

The living standards of the rural communities truly represent the development of an emerging economy. The JAL JEEVAN MISSION of the Government of India is one such flagship initiative where attempts are made to ensure adequate supplies of quality drinking water at affordable charges on a long-term basis. It emphasises the importance of proper water management, infrastructure development, and community participation. Larsen & Toubro and Dextra are proud to associate with this Nobel initiative & contributed the best to achieve the ambitious goal of “Har Ghar Jal”. 

The need for overhead tanks & precast construction method

Looking at the widespread geography of our country, uneven terrain & human establishments in remote locations, access to continuous water is a challenge. So overhead tanks are one such good option for the storage & distribution of water efficiently where there are inconsistent water supply patterns.

The construction & Infrastructure development is yet another key factor that directly influences development. Precast Construction is one such method that has gained tremendous momentum recently due to its advantages like accelerated productivity, better quality control, environmentally friendly, optimised material & labour, etc. Though this method invites high initial set-up costs, large-scale projects with standardised designs make it an attractive proposal.

Precast overhead tanks-dextra

Dextra’s role in the project

At Dextra, we are always committed to adding value to our stakeholders and society through our innovative products & sustainable solutions. Our range of Groutec couplers is arguably the most reliable mechanical splices specially designed to connect two precast elements without requiring in-situ wet concrete joints.

These couplers have been qualified and tested successfully on major infrastructure projects like Process Plant Pipe Racks, Residential & Commercial Buildings, and Data Centres. In the OHT project, our team has closely coordinated with L&T, right from the design stage, to carefully choose the Groutec & Bartec couplers to connect the H & U frames of the OHT.

Precast overhead tanks

The L&T testimonial

When we (L&T WET-IC) started using the precasting method for overhead tanks, we faced challenges with the connection details between precast elements. We were looking for a solution. M/s. Dextra proposed Groutec & Bartec couplers. These couplers have helped us in overcoming the challenges. Subsequently, test results were submitted by M/s. The Dextra team has given us more confidence in precast connections while presenting it to the Customer.

With the help of these Couplers, we are executing 2500+ Head Tanks in the Precast method under Jal Jeevan Mission-Har Ghar Jal at rural villages of Uttar Pradesh State.

We also started implementing this Precast ESR technology in MP state to expand 300+ OHT. We also recently bagged two projects in Firozabad & Ballia, UP, where the scope is 400+ OHT. For future projects, this product shall also be recommended to our management.

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