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Ramco Dry Mix inaugurates its new plant in Salem

Ramco Dry Mix inaugurates its new plant in Salem

Ramco Cements’ organizational philosophy of offering the “Right Products for the Right Applications” has been driving all its activities.

This philosophy has been at the centre of its Dry Mix Division’s endeavor of offering engineered building products. Now the division has charted its expansion plan with new manufacturing locations across South India.

Ramco Dry Mix Division’s Salem Plant was inaugurated recently. This plant will offer various technologically advanced and well-Engineered Polymer modified products thereby taking the organizational philosophy of “Right Products for the Right Applications” forward. The plant will be manufacturing Ready mixed building products like Ramco Tile Fix in 6 variants, Ramco Tile Grout in 40 colour shades, Ramco Block Fix, Ramco Super Plaster ready mixed with sand in 3 variants, and Ramco Super Fine putty. These products will be offered in convenient packaging keeping in mind the usage at construction sites e.g. 1 Kg pouches are available for Ramco Tile Grout and 25 Kg bags for Ramco Super Plaster.

Salem Dry Mix Plant is a fully automated batch mixing plant set up as per Green Standards. The plant has been set up adjacent to the Ramco Cement Grinding unit. The availability of all raw materials within a radius of 100 km ensures that environmental impact is reduced. The following features of the plant ensures that no dust is emitted into the environment during the manufacturing

 A high calorific value-based coal-enabled drying system
 Fully confined storage bins for all raw materials
 Fully enabled bag filters

Green cover with trees and plants around the Salem Dry Mix plant provides clean and fresh air throughout the day. The plant has a highly sophisticated state-of-the-art quality control Lab where every manufactured batch is checked and cleared before the product is dispatched. Specific tests like the Pull Out Adhesion test, Shear Adhesion test, Water retention test, and application tests of each product variant are done in these labs.

The plant has highly qualified and trained personnel for each and every operation. The Ramco Research and Development Center (RRDC) at Chennai along with the Dry Mix Plant monitors all parameters on a continuous basis to ensure the quality of the products coming out of this plant. The Salem Dry Mix Plant is strategically located near the National Highway in Valappadi taluk which ensures that freshly manufactured and packed products reach the market within the shortest possible time.


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