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Sapience Automata boosts road safety with AI tech

Sapience Automata boosts road safety with AI tech

In a Seed Round headed by Inflection Point Ventures, AI-powered driver assistance technology startup Sapience Automata has secured INR 1.75 crore. The money will go towards expanding Driver Cams’ sales, forming important alliances in the automobile industry, carrying out the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology, and submitting international patent applications.

Founded in 2021, Sapience Automata is a progressive firm dedicated to using plug-and-play driving assistance technology to transform road safety in India. By utilising cutting-edge AI and autonomous driving technologies, they aim to completely eradicate accidents. The mission of Sapience Automata is to provide all drivers with access to state-of-the-art safety solutions.

The company’s founder, chief executive officer, and technology officer, Satyajit Neogi, has over eight years of expertise with AI and self-driving automobiles. He also has a PhD from NTU Singapore. Co-founder and product head, Unmesh Dabhade, has over six years of experience in software development and the Internet of Things. He graduated from VJTI with a master’s degree. They oversee Sapience Automata’s objective to advance technological innovation in road safety.

Vikram Ramasubramanian, Partner, Inflection Point Ventures, says, “Most of us know someone whose family member or close one has experienced a major road accident.  It is an unfortunate reality that can’t be helped, given our dependence on different modes of transportation and driver’s circumstances. Sapience, with its AI-powered technology, reduces such an unavoidable reality. IPV will always focus on supporting startups that offer innovative solutions to significant problems, and Sapience’s approach is one we’ll continue to endorse.”

The distinctive selling points of Sapience Automata are its strong technological team and products made especially for Indian road conditions. With the help of a committed group of professionals, the business creates cutting-edge solutions to the particular problems faced by Indian roads, guaranteeing the highest level of efficiency and driver safety. It differentiates itself from competitors in the industry by providing solutions that are specifically adapted to the demands and circumstances of Indian drivers through the provision of custom-made products and software.

Sapience, which is based in Bangalore and predominantly serves business fleets, is establishing the groundwork for future growth and scalability in the Indian B2C market.

Satyajit Neogi, CEO & CTO, of Sapience Automata, says, “India reports 1.5 lakh deaths and 5 lakh critical injuries every year from road accidents and it is growing. We are committed to reducing road accidents in India by 90 percent by 2030. We started by building plug-n-play cutting-edge ADAS technology custom-made for Indian conditions to prevent road accidents due to human errors such as distraction and drowsiness.”

With the introduction of its driver camera, paving the way for ADAS technology specifically designed for Indian roadways, and advancing to the final prototype stage for its ADAS camera, Sapience Automata has achieved significant milestones. Their accomplishments and the SISFS award they received show how committed they are to driving innovation in vehicle safety.

From 2009 to 2019, traffic accidents accounted for the 13th highest share of India’s health burden, including deaths and disability. To prevent these kinds of mishaps, we need to improve the state of the roads, automobiles, and technologies.

For more info visit: https://sapienceautomata.com/


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