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Scavolini’s Grey Kitchen at Dash Square

Scavolini’s Grey Kitchen at Dash Square

Dash Square has been a leader in the luxury furniture industry, not only in Bengaluru but throughout India. Their goal has been to establish themselves as a household name and the ultimate destination for all furniture requirements.

Prioritising timeless elegance and flawless craftsmanship, their array empowers patrons to fashion chic interiors synonymous with opulence and sophistication. The inclusion of Scavolini’s esteemed luxury kitchen available at Dash Square elevates the allure of their offerings, providing clientele unparalleled sophistication and grandeur in kitchen aesthetics.

A sleek and modern kitchen ambiance is achieved with a harmonious fusion of materials. Grey textured wooden sunmica can be paired with the pristine allure of white Italian marble countertops. Complementing this sophisticated blend, opt for metal cabinets in refreshing white and soft pastel tones, adorned with a translucent finish that exudes contemporary charm. Complete the ensemble with sleek black metal high stools, adding a touch of chic contrast and ensuring both style and comfort in your kitchen space.

In another setting, with the walls adorned in calming grey hues, one can choose between neutral cabinets or opt for warm brown tones, perfectly complemented by sleek black stone countertops, imparting a timeless elegance. A modern flair can be added with black high chairs, adding a touch of contemporary contrast. The atmosphere can be enhanced with carefully curated décor, strategically placed to infuse vibrant pops of colour, creating a harmonious balance. 

Alternatively, embrace a rustic charm by pairing brown wood and black metal high shelves, marrying natural textures with industrial accents for a captivating aesthetic.

For more details visit: https://www.dashsquare.com/


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