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Schueco offers monsoon-proof door and window systems with aesthetics

Schueco offers monsoon-proof door and window systems with aesthetics

This conversation with Schueco India explores the concept of fenestration and their line of products engineered to withstand the challenges of the monsoon season, ensuring resilience in building construction.

What is the impact of monsoons on buildings, & what role do doors and windows play during this season?
Monsoons can significantly impact buildings and houses, causing issues such as water damage, mould growth, and structural damage. Leaks can develop in roofs and walls, leading to deterioration of materials. Poor drainage can result in flooding, weakening foundations and causing potential collapse. Regular maintenance is essential to prevent damage.

Doors and windows are crucial in protecting buildings during the monsoon season. Adequately sealed doors and windows help prevent rainwater from seeping into the structure, reducing the risk of water damage and mould growth. They also allow for ventilation to help control humidity levels and avoid moisture buildup, which can lead to structural issues. Inspecting and maintaining doors and windows before the monsoon season can help ensure they function properly and adequately protect the building.

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How does your company ensure the durability and resilience of its building materials, especially in adverse weather conditions like heavy rainfall and humidity?
Schueco’s door and window systems are designed to provide superior protection and performance during monsoon seasons. Our products, like the Schüco Aluminum Sliding System AS ICD 50. NI and Schüco Sliding System AS 39 SC.NI, which are used widely in private homes and high-rise residential, are known for their innovative design, offering excellent resistance to water infiltration and air leakage. High EPDM content gasket with peroxide curing technology, integrated drainage system and custom brush seal contribute to best-in-class air, water and acoustic performance. We have system solutions for withstanding adverse conditions, like the Schüco Aluminum Sliding System AS ICD 50. NI delivers a performance of 900 Pa water tightness, 3000 Pa wind load resistance and durability up to 20,000 cycles.

How do you collaborate with architects and engineers to integrate your building materials effectively into monsoon-resistant building designs?
We instruct the architects and engineers to adhere to specific standards for having an effective fenestration solution for monsoon resilience. We begin by studying the specific climatic conditions of the region according to the building location. We analyse factors such as wind speed, rainfall intensity, and humidity levels for monsoon-prone areas. Based on the information we have gained, we develop customised solutions that can withstand the challenges posed by monsoon weather. This involves adapting existing products or designing entirely new ones tailored to the project’s specific requirements. We offer our clients the best solutions according to their architectural design expectations. We ensure factors like positioning correctly to reduce exposure to wind and rain, and the seals are airtight to stop water seepage. We are dedicated to bringing innovation and constant improvement to our offerings.

For more information, visit: https://www.schueco.com/com/


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