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Schwing Stetter enters in CE-sub segments at Excon 2023

Schwing Stetter enters in CE-sub segments at Excon 2023

The mining, maritime, and road and highway infrastructure industries are all served by the new, ground-breaking construction product line-up, which will be crucial to realising long-term growth objectives.

One of the top producers of concrete and construction equipment in the nation, Schwing Stetter India, unveiled new product lineups at Excon 2023. These vehicles will improve the Schwing Stetter ecosystem and aid in addressing issues facing the CE-sub segments in India, which include material handling, ports, mining, and road and highway infrastructure.

The company also announced revenue of ₹ 5,000+ crore for 2023. It attributes its double-digit year-over-year growth (35 percent in 2023) to sustained research and development investments, a steadfast focus on long-term growth strategies, portfolio expansion into important industries and markets, and employee-driven performance and development.

Schwing Stetter India at EXCON _ ACE

Speaking about the growth of Schwing Stetter India, V. G. Sakthikumar, Managing Director and Chairman, says, “Demand for our construction and concreting equipment machinery has been increasing at a stellar rate since COVID-19; the record volumes over the years were possible because of the stimulus measures put in place by the Government of India (GoI) to boost infrastructure development in the country.”

“Also, we are bullish about the short and long-term growth prospects for 2024; therefore, we have launched 31 new products for mining, shipping, and road and highway infrastructure industries, including port container handling, mining support, and road patching equipment at Excon 2023. As we add more product categories due to robust demand, we will soon become a one-stop shop for customers in the construction industry,” he added.

Schwing Stetter India reaffirmed its environmental efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in the environment while showcasing more than 70 machines at Excon.

For more info visit : https://www.schwingstetterindia.com/


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