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Signify lights up Ram Mandir and Ram Path

Signify lights up Ram Mandir and Ram Path

With a mission to unleash light’s incredible potential, Signify is proud to contribute to Ayodhya’s rich cultural legacy with ornamental street lighting, blending heritage with innovation.

Leading the way in lighting innovation, Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), a global leader in the industry, has announced that the Ram Path and select areas of the Ram Mandir will now be illuminated with personalised, decorative, and useful lights.

Vikas Malhotra, Business Head, Systems and Services, Signify, Greater India expressed enthusiasm for this exceptional project, stating, “Inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is a milestone event in the history of India and we are honoured to light up Ayodhya’s landscape with our distinct range of lights. At Signify, we have always been at the forefront of the lighting industry for our technology, innovation, and customisation. Our lighting designs at the Ram Mandir and Ram Path are a harmonious blend of heritage and cutting-edge technology, capturing the essence of Lord Ram’s triumph, illuminating the space to honour the divine journey and celebrating its unique heritage.”

Signify lights up the ram mandir_ ACE

Ram Mandir Temple with cutting-edge lighting solutions

Philips Uni fixtures are carefully positioned on walls, columns, and ceilings to provide Perkota lighting for temples. The modest size of these fixtures guarantees that the light source is nearly undetectable to pilgrims, minimising glare while producing a lively and bright atmosphere. Their particular beam angle is a special offer that skillfully illuminates the temple’s elaborate embellishments. The temple’s landscape lighting creates an enthralling visual display in the surrounding area. We creatively light ramps and sculptures with step lights, LED strips with profiles, and a combination of ornamental devices like post tops and ground-up lights. Every fixture is made to order following the project requirements, resulting in an enchanting ambience appropriate for the hallowed space. Our Kuber Tila landscape lighting accentuates the temple’s majesty even more, blending in perfectly with the architectural wonder. Our indoor lighting fixtures at the Pilgrim facility centre enhanced the pilgrimage experience by fusing style and utility. While we carry out these projects, we are steadfast in our resolve to illuminate every area of the Ram Mandir Temple and provide a heavenly and enlightening environment for everybody.

Ram Path, the main arterial path from Dharampath gate leading to Ram Mandir

A magnificent Philips Uni Urban lighting fixture and a top bracket designed to resemble Lord Ram’s well-known bow and arrow adorn the unique ornamental pole. The recently unveiled pole, which symbolises the spirit of triumph and victory present in Lord Ram’s legend, improves the aesthetic attractiveness of the city. The installation is one of a kind, showcasing an imposing lighting fixture that adds a sense of regality to the ensemble with its massive design. The top bracket is especially intricate, having been painstakingly designed to resemble Lord Ram’s bow and arrow. Every aspect has been carefully considered, from the design’s accuracy to the deliberate integration of cultural symbolism. There are lovely pictures of Lord Ram and Hanuman at the base of the pole. Modern LED lights and exceptional energy efficiency characterise these inventive installations.

Signify street lamp _ ACE

Dharampath Gate and Surya Stambh Gate

Additionally, Signify is completing the façade illumination for Surya Stambh Gate and Dharampath Gate, highlighting their massive structures and architectural characteristics. This not only highlights Signify’s commitment to sustainable lighting solutions but also improves the visual attractiveness of Ayodhya’s nightscapes.

Signify has already completed exterior lighting projects for important monuments such as Digambar Akhada, Hanuman Garhi, Dasarath Mahal, and Kanak Bhawan. These projects made use of the cutting-edge Philips Uni line of products, which comes with DMX controllers. By providing well-lit and visually appealing urban environments, Signify hopes to make a lasting impression on both tourists and Ayodhya locals with these creative and environmentally friendly lighting solutions.

For more info visit: https://www.signify.com/en-in


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