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Steelcase introduces Edvi for the agile workplace

Steelcase introduces Edvi for the agile workplace

 Steelcase’s Edvi is personal storage reimagined. Gone are the traditional boxy and bulky aesthetics, typical of the category.

In place, a unique almost sci-fi-esque curve wrap shell that creates a striking silhouette. From its castors to its cushion top, Edvi is designed to bring colour and performance to any workspace and offer a new coherence element for designers.

To achieve its light, unjointed structure and flowing lines, a single piece of sheet metal sealed with a single weld was used to form the shell. Supported by specially engineered jigs and fixtures, the result is a design that is at once delicate and robust. With 33 colours readily available and over 1800 possible colour configurations, Edvi is a character fit for every design story and space.

“In this new era of work, user expectations are evolving and we have to rethink the experience in the workplace. We need furniture solutions that give employees a renewed sense of belonging and control as they return to the office,” said Marcello Brambilla, Director of Design and Product Development, Steelcase Asia Pacific. “With its rounded-edge shell, seamless push-to-open drawers and multiple colour combinations, Edvi brings fresh aesthetics to the traditional personal storage category, while keeping our belongings securely within arm’s reach.”

The chameleonic storage unit can also turn into a mobile seating solution when matched with a cushion top, readily facilitating spontaneous, informal discussions in an active workspace. 

The cushion top is offered in over 100 different colours in 6 different fabrics, allowing an endless variety of unique colour combinations that can fit with any space.

Edvi is designed by Steelcase Asia Innovation teams and made in Steelcase manufacturing facilities in South China. To optimise material usage to reduce wastage, Edvi is made up of 25% recycled materials by weight and is itself, 86% recyclable by weight. 

Steelcase Edvi is available through Steelcase’s distribution network across Asia Pacific. 

Steelcase introduces Edvi for the agile workplace

For more information visit: https://bit.ly/3ysWRAk


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