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STONELAM launches first experience centre in Mumbai

STONELAM launches first experience centre in Mumbai

With the motto “NATURE IS ABOVE ALL,” Stonelam, a prominent distributor of 100 percent natural surface materials, is pleased to announce the launch of its new experience facility in Mumbai. This creative area, which presents a modern take on the façade market, was painstakingly created to encapsulate the brand’s attitude, values, and spirit.

The experience centre is proof of Stonelam’s dedication to producing elegant and useful goods that are in perfect balance with the environment. It is a reflection of the business’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and its attention to meeting the demands and tastes of today’s ecologically aware customers.

CEO of Stonelam, Sandeep Bagade, emphasises, “This is our first experience centre in Mumbai. It showcases our unique offering in this domain, providing an array of choices and immersive sensory experiences. With our premium product range, customers are expertly guided to optimal selections. This space epitomises our commitment to redefining the facade market, blending nature’s allure and sustainability.”

Stonelam _ ACE

The experience centre serves a broad spectrum of patrons, including architects and designers, homeowners and buyers, as well as current and prospective clients. It is designed to arouse feelings of inspiration, curiosity, and environmental consciousness. Inspired by the angular crystal forms found in nature, the spatial architecture creates discrete zones for deep exploration.

Sushant Pathak, CMO of Stonex Group, says, “Embodying our commitment to nature-centric innovation and sustainability. With a design concept inspired by ‘Hiking Through the Mountains,’ the space showcases our superior products in complete harmony with nature. Interactive exhibits highlight Stonelam’s product superiority, catering to environmentally conscious consumers and redefining the facade market with fresh perspectives.”

Interactive exhibits captivate viewers by entertainingly presenting product attributes, and mock-ups demonstrate how they can be used on exterior and interior surfaces. The office area is inspired by modern mountain residences, while the business lounge has unique furniture acting as interior mock-ups. Highlights that captivate include special installations such as water-jet paintings, laser-cut chandeliers, and jewellery and eyewear manufactured by Stonelam. The style of the facade evokes the strength of stone and makes a striking statement. To improve wayfinding, a variety of signage solutions are provided across the area.

As of April 2024, Stonelam is present throughout India, working with partners at more than 200 sites and maintaining warehouses in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai to meet partner demands. Additionally, it offers experience centres at over 20 sites where clients may handle and feel the merchandise.

For more information, visit: https://www.stonelam.com/


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