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Sustainable usability of construction techniques

Sustainable usability of construction techniques

Arcmax Architects, led by Ar. Kshiti Bhargava & Ar. Ashish Bhargava, stands as a beacon of innovation in sustainable architecture, seamlessly integrating green design solutions with a keen understanding of project budget constraints. In a recent interview, Bhargava sheds light on the firm’s commitment to environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, and occupant well-being.

Arcmax Architects places strategic and innovative architectural designs at the forefront of sustainable advancement. Bhargava emphasises the firm’s dedication to exploring and integrating the latest innovations in energy-efficient materials, systems, and construction techniques, ensuring their designs remain cutting-edge in environmental responsibility.

Design philosophy

In response to questions about integrating sustainable and green principles, Bhargava delves into the firm’s design philosophy. Sustainability is not an afterthought but an integral part of every project, from material selection prioritising eco-friendly options to promoting biodiversity through renewable resources like bamboo and sustainable wood. The design approach extends to energy efficiency, water conservation, and creating spaces that prioritise the well-being of occupants.

Maximising natural light and ventilation

Addressing the prioritisation of natural light and ventilation, Bhargava details Arcmax Architects’ comprehensive strategy. The approach involves strategic site orientation, thoughtful building placement, and innovative architectural designs that maximise exposure and cross-ventilation. Light-reflective surfaces, energy-efficient glazing systems, and smart building technologies create bright, airy spaces while ensuring energy efficiency.

Prioritising energy efficiency

Bhargava underscores the fundamental importance of energy efficiency in Arcmax Architects’ designs. From site analysis and orientation to integrating renewable energy sources, the firm systematically prioritises strategies such as passive design principles, energy-efficient building envelopes, and smart HVAC systems. Continuous research and adaptation ensure that the firm remains at the forefront of energy-efficient technologies.

Environmentally friendly material selection criteria

The interview explores Arcmax Architects’ meticulous selection of environmentally friendly materials. Bhargava outlines key criteria, including renewable and recycled content, local sourcing, low embodied energy, durability, non-toxic and low-VOC materials, water efficiency, certifications and standards, waste reduction, recyclability, adaptability, and social and ethical considerations. This stringent, criteria-driven approach ensures that material choices align to create environmentally responsible and sustainable architectural solutions.

Approach to green building certifications

Arcmax Architects’ approach to green building certifications goes beyond compliance. Bhargava emphasises a holistic sustainability approach, site-specific solutions, innovative design thinking, energy-efficient design strategies, material selection for impact, adherence to local regulations, occupant well-being, continuous learning and adaptation, and community engagement. The commitment extends beyond checkboxes, aiming to exceed standards and leave a positive legacy for the environment and future generations.

Balancing green design with budget constraints

Lastly, Bhargava discusses how Arcmax Architects navigates the delicate balance between green design and project budget constraints. The firm’s approach includes early sustainability integration, thorough cost-benefit analysis, prioritisation of high-impact strategies, innovative design for efficiency, strategic material selection, incorporation of energy-efficient technologies, adaptation to local context, continuous research and collaboration, transparent communication with clients, exploration of government incentives and certifications, and flexible design strategies. The result is the seamless integration of green design solutions with budget constraints, delivering sustainable, cost-effective designs.

Arcmax Architects emerges as a trailblazer in architectural innovation and crafting a sustainable future where environmental responsibility and economic viability coexist harmoniously. The firm’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable design ensures that its architectural marvels contribute positively to both the environment and the well-being of those who inhabit their spaces.

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