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Honeywell joins GCA as founding member

Honeywell has joined the Global Cybersecurity Alliance (GCA), created by the International Society of Automation (ISA), as a founding member. The company will collaborate with GCA participants — from other technology providers and integrators to end users and government agencies — to build awareness, provide education, share best practices, and accelerate the development and adoption […]

An innovative approach to faster and smarter station redevelopment

Open cell ceilings blend with design aesthetics

Open cell ceiling system provides scalability of sizeable areas while maintaining the mystique of its design. The most intriguing feature about the design is its ability to blend with other architectural designing. Recommended for public spaces, design facilitates easy airflow management and rapid smoke extraction, required in high traffic areas. The first impression of an […]

An innovative approach to faster and smarter station redevelopment

Conducive Green Governance to ensure overall sustainability

Earlier, there was no specific Green Building code mandatory in India and the country was driven more by the aspirations of private companies than legislation set by government. There was just an EIA clearance process by Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF) for which there were various stipulated conditions mentioned in the environment […]

Drythane solutions drive energy efficiency and prolong building lifespan