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PEGO hardware is elevating the fenestration industry in India

In the dynamic world of fenestration, where doors and windows are the gateways to our homes and buildings, the hardware that supports them often goes unnoticed. However, for Karan Shah, the founder of PEGO Hardware, the importance of quality door and window hardware cannot be overstated. PEGO Hardware, a prominent brand in the field of […]

Precast overhead tanks: Revolutionising water storage to ensure “Har Ghar Jal”

GRAFF Presents M-Series, the Ultra-Flexible Concealed Modular System

Suitable for all the collections in the catalog, it provides up to seven outlets with only four handles GRAFF, the worldwide manufacturer of innovative faucets and shower systems has launched, M-Series Shower Sets. M-Series is a new modular concealed system, designed by GRAFF, to offer new solutions for the shower area, while also facilitating clean and efficient […]

Antica Ceramica introduces Tropical design wall tiles collection