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PEGO hardware is elevating the fenestration industry in India

PEGO hardware is elevating the fenestration industry in India

In the dynamic world of fenestration, where doors and windows are the gateways to our homes and buildings, the hardware that supports them often goes unnoticed. However, for Karan Shah, the founder of PEGO Hardware, the importance of quality door and window hardware cannot be overstated. PEGO Hardware, a prominent brand in the field of Aluminium and uPVC door and window hardware in India, has been a game-changer since its establishment in 2009.

In a market with no strict standards for door and window hardware and little entry barrier, PEGO addresses competition by educating stakeholders about hardware quality and parameters. They emphasise transparency, quality testing, and providing information to help customers make informed choices.

The key hardware quality parameters they focus on include product life cycle testing, base metal composition, plating/powder coating thickness, and weight capacity testing. PEGO conducts in-house testing and invites customers to their facility to build trust. Other than that they have also done third party testing.

The importance of selecting the correct hardware in façade and fenestration cannot be overstated. Hardware is one of the first elements a layman notices and is essential for attracting attention. Aesthetics play a vital role, and functional hardware greatly impacts the end-user experience. Easy operation is critical, and making the wrong choice can lead to dangerous situations, potentially risking lives & security. 

Their customer-centric approach involves considering application, utility, and geographical location when advising customers on the right hardware for their needs. PEGO’s experience center at their headquarters allows customers to interact with products hands-on, enhancing their understanding. The new innovations are all displayed in their experience center which is often termed as the “Innovation hub”.

A noteworthy trend in the industry is the move towards a family of hardware with a consistent design across different windows and doors. This not only enhances aesthetics but also promotes design uniformity.

In terms of future innovations, PEGO envisions a trend toward straight-line, minimal hardware design. Automation and smart windows are also seen as the future, although the after-sale service challenges must be carefully addressed.

In the coming ZAK Expo 2023 in Mumbai, PEGO’s focus areas include introducing more designs in their one-family complete hardware range, blurring the lines between uPVC and Aluminium hardware. The company in the exhibition would introduce some of the latest innovations. Definitely the space looks exciting and time shall show the results.

For more info: https://www.pego.in/


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