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The trendsetters of artistic and exceptional designs.

The trendsetters of artistic and exceptional designs.

Pritesh Meisheri, the Principal Interior Designer at PD Design studio, talks about his design specialities and expresses his thoughts on creative designing.

As an interior designer, which products and architectural solutions do you look forward to in your work?

When it comes to interior design, there are many new materials available in the market, and one of my favourite items to use when designing a home External Facade or upliftment of Residential Elevation is GRC products, which are glass-reinforced concrete and GRP versions of any shape, size or style, and add a vivid and stylish touch to the designs. As a result, we will be concentrating more on GRC this year. As interior designers, we seek out new items and techniques to stay current. We are trendsetters in our area and strive to use the most up-to-date materials and products in our work.

What are some of the essential considerations for your products before developing a design approach for a space?

Because there is no single product on the market, we employ a selection of items in our design before deciding on a strategy for our job. We have offsets in the modern materials that have been utilised, and we are emphasising the blend of materials to use in our design, as we want to build a universe.

What differentiates you from the other designers?

Every designer is a creative person. Every human being is creative; the only difference is the level of detail. A design is something that even a child can create, but how you implement a design into detailing is the most crucial part.

Which ideas and architectural solutions did you present at ACE Tech 2022?

We are experts in spiritual interiors and decided to develop a theme representing the spiritual journey in interior design. We displayed the image of the eight chakras and a meditation room where people can feel calm and heal themselves with the help of chakra healing.

Our design methodology encourages ethical design, using sustainable materials, and the creation of healthy surroundings. One of our many specialities is designing wellness centres, which we do all over India. Aside from that, we also execute high-end residential and commercial projects, in which we excel due to our design inventiveness and distinctiveness.




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