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UltraTech boosts renewable energy with floating solar panel deployment

UltraTech boosts renewable energy with floating solar panel deployment

Floating solar photovoltaic (FSPV) panels have been placed in two 3600-square-metre water reservoirs in the mine area of UltraTech’s integrated manufacturing plant, Awarpur Cement Works.

Around 7600 solar panels make up the 4.096 MWp (3.30 MW AC) DC capacity of the solar installation. The project could produce 6,173 megawatt hours of solar energy per year. The yearly reduction of around 6000 MT of CO2 emissions from this solar power plant is comparable to the benefits of 2.7 lakh mature trees in terms of sequestration.

The project is set up in captive mode, meaning UltraTech will use all of the electricity produced. The water reservoirs have a combined capacity of 1,10,000 Cu. Metres were constructed as part of the unit’s water harvesting operations. In addition to producing energy, the installation of solar panels atop the water reservoirs will assist in minimising water loss from evaporation by up to about 70 percent.

To reduce its influence on nearby ecosystems, the project was designed. It helps preserve the purity of the water and provides shade, which can assist in controlling temperature. FSPVs help to lessen algal blooms, which are characterised by a sharp rise in the population of algae. UltraTech hopes to optimise land usage of ~ 3600 sqm by putting solar panels on water bodies for power generation. This effort addresses a major obstacle: land availability for the deployment of solar panels.

As part of its RE100 promise, UltraTech aims to source all of its electricity from renewable sources by the year 2050. UltraTech is dedicated to tripling its energy productivity as a member of EP100.

UltraTech plans to increase the overall share of green energy in its total energy mix to 85 percent by 2030. As an interim target, UltraTech plans to increase its total green energy share threefold from its current 22 percent to 60 percent by FY26.To boost the share of green energy in the overall energy mix, UltraTech has implemented several initiatives, including switching to renewable energy sources and expanding Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS).

As of Q3FY24, UltraTech has 719 MW of green energy capacity, which includes 264 MW of WHRS installed capacity and 455 MW of contracted renewable energy. Cumulatively, this translates to 24% of UltraTech’s current energy requirements.

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