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USAID/India to support Indian railways to achieve net zero carbon emission

USAID/India to support Indian railways to achieve net zero carbon emission

The Memorandum of Understanding between India and the United States for International Development/India (USAID/India) was signed on June 14, 2023, to assist Indian Railways in achieving Mission Net Zero Carbon Emission by 2030.

Through the MoU, Indian Railways has a forum to communicate and exchange the most recent advancements and industry information.  The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) enables the following: training and seminars/workshops focusing on specific technology areas like energy efficiency and renewable energy; training and workshops on advanced energy solutions and systems; regional integration of energy and markets; and other interactions for knowledge sharing.

Before this, USAID/India had collaborated with IR on a project centred on installing rooftop solar panels on railway stations. Indian Railways and the US Agency for International Development/India signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enable energy self-sufficiency with the following understanding:

Both participants intend to jointly work broadly on the following key activity areas, with details to be agreed upon separately:

  • Long-term energy planning, including clean energy for Indian Railways.
  • Develop an energy efficiency policy and action plan for Indian railway buildings.
  • Planning for clean energy procurement to achieve the Indian Railway’s net-zero vision.
  • Technical support for addressing regulatory and implementation barriers.
  • Bid design and bid management support system-friendly, large-scale renewable procurement.
  • Supporting Indian Railways in the promotion of e-mobility.
  • Collaboratively host events, conferences, and capacity-building programmes in the identified areas.

Either participant may request in writing a revision, modification, or amendment to all or any part of this MoU.  Any revision, modification, or amendment approved by the participants will form part of the revised MoU.  Such revision, modification, or amendment will come into effect on such date as may be determined by the participants.

This Memorandum of Understanding is effective as of the date of signing and is expected to continue for five years or until the effective end of the South Asia Regional Energy Partnership (SAREP), whichever period is shorter.

An agreement was made to help India Railways fulfil its goal of having no carbon emissions by 2030, known as Mission Net Zero Carbon Emission.  Indian Railways will benefit from having less reliance on foreign fuels, such as coal and diesel.  RE technology will gain momentum in the nation with the installation of RE facilities.  Local ecosystem growth will benefit from this, and local product creation will gain momentum as a result.

Expenditure involved:
USAID intends to use the SAREP programme to offer technical support for the services covered by this Memorandum of Understanding.  This Memorandum of Understanding is non-binding and does not impose any financial or other obligations.  Indian Railways is not making any financial commitments concerning this.


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