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Vastu-compliant luxury with vintage charm in Delhi

Vastu-compliant luxury with vintage charm in Delhi

The house Nadora Chapter 1, designed by the Pramod Group in Delhi, is a lovely residence with a contemporary look and vintage emotions. The project was designed during the pandemic and went through a difficult phase, but the result is a luxurious residence that adheres to Vastu principles. 

The apartment, 360 square yards in size, features four bedrooms, a drawing room, three bathrooms, a powder room, a large family living area with eating space and two shafts that let in plenty of natural light and air. Beautiful vegetation has been added to the back balcony to enhance the tranquil atmosphere. A stunning wood tone and vintage white surface detail can be seen in the large, modern kitchen featuring an island counter. The breakfast court and open kitchen combine to create a place that is lively and filled with a vintage vibe. Each space’s nuances and atmosphere are enhanced by the expertly designed tiered lighting.

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The customer requested a conventional layout for the areas. They desired a tasteful and sophisticated house with a decidedly modern edge and an Indian atmosphere. The designers created a home with intricately crafted interiors that bear witness to their unique style, drawing inspiration from the requirements. They contrasted current and contemporary features with a subdued mood board. To brighten the room, a soft beige, brown, and white colour scheme is chosen.

Calm hues have been paired with a sleek, elegant modern touch. The development concepts emphasised eco-living combined with luxurious living and ample natural light. The house is equipped with plenty of natural light and ventilation whenever feasible, thanks to its Vastu plan design. The interiors were complemented with furnishings like German kitchen appliances and fittings, Italian tiles and stone, veneer panelling, and epoxy wood.

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Many Indian motifs and patterns are employed with subdued and distressed colours to evoke an Indian feel. The Pichwai paintings in the living area give the whole room a lot of flavour and give the home a vintage feel.

The elegant furnishings of this apartment add depth and richness to the property while showcasing the beauty of the various materials and textures used.

The bedrooms are tastefully decorated with subdued design details and peaceful hues. The room, designed with exquisitely simple aesthetics, has opulent areas for relaxation. The Pramod Group creates a visually arresting yet peaceful atmosphere by enunciating harmony and balance in many aspects.

For more information, visit: https://www.pramodgroup.in/


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