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Windows to sustainable development

Windows to sustainable development

Main objective of sustainable designs are to reduce depletion of available resources and help built environment that are livable and safe.

Kushal Bajaj, Executive Director, Geeta Aluminium

RERA and GST has strengthened Indian construction industry

The market size of construction industry in India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Housing sector continues to be a favoured destination for global investors.

“Implementation of RERA and GST has strengthened the most critical reforms of Indian construction industry. With economic reforms gaining momentum, long-term prospects for growth remain bright for India,” states Kushal Bajaj, Executive Director, Geeta Aluminium Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Briefing on the Indian market for doors and windows Bajaj says, “Indian market for doors and windows is comprised of conventional aluminium windows and system aluminium windows. Approaching years will see rise in standard of living and earning capacity of people paving demand of Innovative Solutions”. System window companies who provide one-stop-solution from measurement to installation allied with after-sales service will have the upper hand in the times to come.”

Briefing on the future  he adds, “Focus in the near future will also be on the accessibility of the upgraded system windows, to reduce this gap of accessibility Geeta Aluminium is opening Geeta Gallery – Window Display Centers across the country to increase awareness of good system windows by throwing light upon the advantages of such windows over the low quality conventional kinds.” Geeta Aluminium plans to have 50 Window Display Centers by the year 2018, thus making good quality but competitively priced aluminium system windows easily available to developers, and windows professionals in private and government sectors alike.

Choosing right solution and technology at right time

Briefing on the role of technology and solutions in making the sustainable structure Bajaj says, “The role of structural systems and materials in the overall performance of a building has been largely ignored. Architects and engineers choose a structural system very early during the design process depending on constraints such as building codes, cost, required spans, construction schedule and site constraints. Very little consideration is typically given to other ways the structure could contribute to improving sustainable outcomes.”

According to Bajaj, Main objective of sustainable designs are to reduce depletion of available resources and help built environment that are livable and safe.

He informs, “Tall buildings are newly emerged in India mainly seen in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Bengaluru and major state capitals of the country. The local construction fraternity took lot of hard work towards its implementation and execution. There were lot of challenges which were new in India firstly the lack of skilled man power and construction materials to withstand the challenges of a high-rise structure. Initially there were no testing facilities initially to understand the suitability of a product more than 100 metres above the ground level. There were lot of learning in India towards these buildings and now we are capable to achieve many milestones.”

Geeta’s windows for the future

Geeta Aluminium has been serving the Indian market for more than 5 decades. The company understands that aluminium extrusion gets its best shape only when the fabrication is good with its required hardware. It has also interacted with lots of customers who had been having problem on aluminium doors and windows due to the poor quality hardware and material. Over the last decades Geeta Aluminium has done a thorough research on this with total dedication, as its result it use unprocessed aluminium which are tested under stringent conditions to never compromise on the quality and the services provided to the customer. After thorough research, most recommended innovation that Geeta Aluminium currently offers are Geeta Series – Slim Series Windows and Geeta Series – Thermal Break Window.

Slim Edition – Sliding System Windows

Geeta series has introduced a whole range of new sleek windows – 25 mm, 27 mm, 35 mm a system window series with large openings and sleek designs that gives an uninterrupted view of the world outside. It not only provides a one-touch smooth operation but also adds an elegant look to the aesthetics of your surroundings. Alongside aesthetics, slim series have properties that shut out disturbances like noise, dust, water thereby ensuring good functionality and making your house feel comfortable.

Geeta Series – Thermal Break Window

High performance Geeta Series – Thermal Break Windows meet energy efficiency standards, which helps in reduction of heat gain through windows. Thermal Break Windows are tightly shut to cut down outside heat and maintain room temperatures.

Geeta Aluminium’s heat resistance windows keep houses precisely insulated in summers and come with allied multiple features:

  • Polyamide strip gives optimised thermal insulation along with DG glass.
  • Glazing choice ranges from 8 mm – 24 mm (Triple Glazing Option is also available).
  • Multi-Point locking available.

“Today our product range is displayed in various cities of India as Geeta Gallery, by rigorous research efforts we have designed profiles which cater any architectural challenge for both residential and commercial properties,” said a proud Bajaj.


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