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Wirtgen Cold Milling Machines: The Most Innovative

Cold milling machine division completely converted to new engine technology
The Wirtgen Group machines comply with the statutory provisions in terms of emissions legislation and it supplies the matching machine technology across the world. In addition to the eco-compatible operation made possible by the new engine technology, Wirtgen has also developed numerous innovative features that further improve milling with machines ranging from the small W 35 DC all the way to the large W 2000 and ensure optimum working results.
Rapid slope ensures better evennessThe new features include the new Rapid Slope slope sensor, which makes the Level Pro automatic levelling system developed by Wirtgen even more efficient. The Level Pro automatic levelling system is fully integrated in the machine control system and enables the milling depth to be precisely adhered to with the help of various sensors. One outstanding feature is the intuitive and application-oriented operation with clear graphic displays and function keys. The new Rapid Slope cross slope sensor marks a revolution in the levelling process. The sensor boasts extremely fast and highly accurate recording of measurements. At the same time, these measured values are processed in complex computations and forwarded to the machine control system. Wirtgen cold milling machines hence achieve hitherto unparalleled precision in cross slope profiles. This allows considerably higher milling speeds with the same levelling quality.
In combination with the newly developed telescoping levelling beam for scanning reference points up to 3.5 metres to the side of the machine, Rapid Slope itself guarantees optimum milling results even when faced with the most complex levelling tasks.
Greater economic efficiency The Flexible Cutter System or FCS enables milling drums to be changed quickly and easily. Wirtgen has continuously optimised the system over the past 15 years. Swift conversions mean that companies can use one machine for various types of work. The range of FCS milling drums with different working widths and spacing is vast. Depending on machine, no more than 0.5 to 1.5 hours are needed to change the milling drum, quickly converting the cold milling machine from a standard milling machine to a fine milling machine, for instance. Removing rutting from a country road, fine milling a surface prior to applying a thin layer, or removing coatings from an asphalt or concrete pavement with a micro fine milling drum – all of these jobs and more can be carried out with one and the same cold milling machine. The range of cold milling applications with FCS is tremendous.
Wide range of applications Practical experience has shown that especially using Wirtgen cold milling machines equipped with FCS allows rollers with different spacing to be used with a constant working width. This is why Wirtgen has developed a simplified version of its FCS system called “FCS Light”. This enables milling drums of the same width to be changed extremely quickly, so that a variety of different milling jobs can be carried out in quick succession.
Longer service life, less downtimeBy developing the new HT22 quick-change toolholder system, Wirtgen has succeeded in significantly increasing the maximum service life of both the upper part of the quick-change toolholder system and that of the milling drum. The overall more robust system also means that the service intervals for checking the bolt pre-tension can be increased from 250 hours to 500 hours. The reliable and simple bolt connection has already passed muster in the two-year-plus prototype phase of the new HT22 quick-change toolholder system.
Increased production at lower costs Generation X is the new series of point-attack cutting tools developed by Wirtgen in close cooperation with long-standing system partner Betek in Aichhalden. The result is a robust cutting tool with greatly optimised wear resistance that cuts exceptionally well at high milling output rates. For instance, the new point-attack cutting tools can be used for as much as 20 percent longer under consistently high milling output rates than conventional point-attack cutting tools on account of the innovative geometry of their carbide tips. The optimised guidance of the point-attack cutting tools in the toolholder system also reduces longitudinal wear on the toolholder.
Innovative customer solutionsWith the expansion of its cold milling machine programme and new technical developments, Wirtgen provides innovative solutions that offer customers around the world substantial added value for their day-to-day job site operations.


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