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A space with a touch of Maldives

A space with a touch of Maldives

TWI is complete with a natural touch, subtle yet beautiful.

A designer’s home is one of the most challenging places to shape, especially when there are two designers. Reminiscing the days when a lack of options for furniture pieces led to the establishment of their design studio, “The Works Interiors lack of options for furniture pieces led to the establishment of their design studio, “The Works Interiors,” the designer duo at TWI, Raj and Devika Khosla, manifest their new home as an extension of their personalities and choices. TWI comes full circle with this 1800 sq ft home, starting from the founder’s first home to this new home, aptly called Treetops, where endless visuals of the tops of trees, along with the chirping of the birds, seep indoors through large windows and the balconies.

Devika Khosla_Ace Update Magazine

 This three-bedroom home’s spatial layout is an open plan devoid of any visual or physical partitions, with the furniture and decor layout demarcating the space based on functionality. This home’s material and colour palette uniquely distance themselves from any trends and instead choose to exhibit a neutral grey palette as an ode to the vast green visuals of the outside. However, to avoid a monotonous aesthetic, the space is endowed with an array of textures in the same hues that manifest a dynamic space.

Devika Khosla_Ace Update Magazine

The living room encompasses the family space and the dining area. A variety of seating arrangements in shades of the same colour pepper the living space, right from the sofa in a soft grey to the pair of lounge chairs in a deep grey and a lounging bench in a black and white houndstooth pattern; they add character and dynamics to the visual palette. All the upholstery is curated from pet-friendly fabrics that ensure easy maintenance and are by the family’s beloved four-legged member. Strategically positioned by the window, the bench is an ideal place to curl up with a book, enjoy a short nap, and gaze at the beautiful greenery.

Devika Khosla_Ace Update Magazine

The console is handcrafted and sustainably sourced, with a restored veneer and blue underbelly inspired by the ocean. The former, with its beautiful layers and grain patterns analogous to the waves, and the latter is a nostalgia of the turquoise of the Maldivian seas.

All the furniture is bespoke, made from kiln-dried oak wood that is sustainably sourced and handcrafted by an adept team of local artisans, showcasing the fundamental TWI ideology where every piece of furniture is realised as an heirloom piece that future generations can inherit. For instance, the wave console placed by the entrance is inspired by waves and the surfboard. It brings the colours of the ocean into the home of a family of passionate scuba divers. The sleek shape is representative of the ups and downs of life and the sea: solid yet calm, steady yet yielding, subtle yet beautiful, and the movement of a surfer who learns to tackle the waves without losing focus.

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