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Access Equipment for maintenance and operations

Access Equipment for maintenance and operations

Construction equipment sector in India is growing and maturing along the way. Over the past two decades, the nature of work execution has moved increasingly from manual labour towards greater mechanisation in India.

With urbanisation, the city skylines are changing to accommodate vertical growth including high-rise residential complexes, commercial spaces and multiplexes. The construction equipment sector in India is witnessing intense competition and localisation has emerged as a key parameter with focus on customised products adapted to the indigenous market.
Here are some of the technologically-advanced access equipment:

Godrej access equipment solutions
Old conventional method like ladder or manual scaffolding are unsafe and prone to accidents for the users. Any fatal incidence in this case is not only loss to the family members of the victim and organisation but also to nation and society at large.

With increasing trend of high-rise projects, it is imperative to use access equipment like rough terrain scissor lifts and boom lifts. Mast-type AWPs should be used in post construction projects for painting and maintenance work.
Godrej has introduced a product through their partner IMER Spa Italy, a scissor lift with later deck extension. The company has also introduced scissor lifts with ATEX modification for Zone 2 application specially made for the industry like breweries, oil and gas, paint and chemicals and defence research labs etc.

Appletree facade access solutions
Appletree has completed more than 150 projects successfully by working hand in hand with the dedicated teams of each project. With ever-changing circumstances and complicated facades, the designers at Appletree have to keep innovating so that no area of the façade remains dirty. One of the main aspects of company’s field of work is safety and by complying all its products withthe international standards we prove this point.

For every architecture marvel, there is scope to make a customised facade accessibility solution.
Façade access solutions are divided into different categories as under:
• Manual Access System – These are Spiderman on eye hooks / Jibs to access the limited or constrain areas where there is almost no feasibility of any other system to access.
• Partially Automated Access Systems – These systems are used to carry the persons in the cradle which moves up & down automatically. The Cradle is suspended on Jibs/ Davits. Beta Jib and the horizontal movement is manual.
• Fully Automated Access Systems – These are called BMU / Roof Carriage Systems which are mounted either on RCC Roof top / Parapet in which the cradle is suspended which moves vertical automatically & the horizontal movement of the BMU is also automated. They are fully robust systems with the good design life of around 25 Years. These BMU’s and cradle are tailor made as per site requirement & are in house manufactured by our specialized technical team. Further, we also have monorail system in which monorail brackets are mounted either on ceiling or face of RCC Parapet of the building at certain intervals which holds the monorail track on which the Trolley moves in horizontal direction automatically.
• Ground to Top Access System – These systems are used where there is no access to roof and very useful for cleaning & maintaining the atriums, receptions. It also helps in maintaining lights and other services up to the maximum height of 40 meters.
• Gantry System – To access the skylights from inside the building & accessing the area below the connecting bridge of the building if any.
• Safety Line System – To access the skylights & solar panels from roof top if the roof is in slant.

Haulotte PULSEO: the new generation of electric rough-terrain mobile elevating platform
HaulottePulseo generation range of rough terrain self propelled booms marks the commencement of the strategy and is first represented by the 21m working height HA20 LE and HA20 LE Pro.
The new all terrain Pulseo models are designed to offer a flexible two-in-one solution for inside and outside work. They have maintenance-free asynchronous motors (AC), while batteries feature a centralised filling system for easy maintenance.

It offers dual load versions to increase the platform capacity from 250 to 350 kg. They also include independent four-wheel drive, an oscillating axle, solid cured-on tires, four-wheel steering, and high ground clearance with up to 45° grade-ability to operate on heavily inclined terrain.

Featuring the best performance in their category, Pulseo machines are allies on the quest for productivity. Ultra-fast elevation speed, 360° continuous turret rotation and simultaneous movements work together to enhance your productivity.


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