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Advanced design, uber technology upgrade spaces

Advanced design, uber technology upgrade spaces

With core belief in offering high-quality elevators, Elite Elevators manufactures all its models in Italy under ThyssenKrupp. The elevators follow stringent parameters of home elevators set by TUV & SUV, as against India where set standards for a home elevator are yet to come in, according to Vimal R Babu, Sales Head India, Elite Elevators Thyssenkrupp.

How do your products add more value for making better smart cities?
Understanding the difference between a commercial and home elevator is crucial for home owners. The machine used in our elevators is designed to operate at an optimal level. All of our designs require single phase power with minimum space requirements. We understand that not every home in India has made provision for home lifts, therefore provide home owners with number of options that can help install an elevator anywhere at a property without much renovation. The elevators are a positive investment and every person would like to have the latest technology when it comes to the home improvement area. An elevator can solve myriad problems while moving between floors and increase the life cycle of a property.

What are the latest trends in elevators with respect to smart cities?
The elevator industry is constantly pushing to create better machines and comfortable cabins for its customers. Currently, home elevators are designed differently and have also been given personal touch.
There are number of trends that are being noticed in home elevators. The machine used to move elevators is becoming more efficient. Home owners are looking for better alternatives that consume less energy and space. The elevator should be easy to install in any given space of a home. Many people are considering an option for an outdoor elevator as well that can easily connect the floors without moving anything inside the house. Operations are an integral part of elevators and deploying advanced technology is imperative. Better software systems are increasingly needed that can also keep the operations in check. A safe and secure travel is important with smooth start and stop features. The elevator should be able to handle any emergency situation. The cabin design is crucial, as we all want the elevator to become a part of the surrounding environment. The size of the cabin, walls, floor and ceiling should represent the personality of the home owners.

Discuss about the latest technology in this space.
Technology has advanced notably over time in the home elevator division. Earlier, there were not any adjustments and elevators were not able to function in every home. Also, models were not affordable for every household. Advancement in machine design and development of better quality material have made this possible for every style of home. If you see, now the elevators can fit easily in any style of home, be it bungalow, villa, duplex or luxury homes. All these different styles of homes can be easily accommodated with an elevator without changes in the original design of the house.

An example is the conventional hydraulic elevator system, which is now designed for home lifts. This technology was only available to the commercial sector and was used widely on multiple levels. The hydraulic is one of the most efficient system and works effectively without much maintenance. We have been able to provide similar qualities for a home elevator. On top of this, home elevators are now more silent and vibration free. We make sure that the elevator is easy to user-friendly and are convinced of adding more floors to your space.

Understanding the difference between a commercial and home elevator is crucial for home owners.
Vimal R Babu, Sales Head India, Elite Elevators Thyssenkrupp


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