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Design Trends in High-rise Buildings

High-rise buildings were the iconic symbols of urban landscapes around the world, representing the epitome of architectural prowess and engineering excellence.

We were excited to announce a webinar on “Design Trends in High-rise Buildings”. In the webinar, we delved into the latest design trends that were transforming the way we perceived and constructed skyscrapers. From sustainable practices and biophilic design to structural innovations and smart building technologies, we explored the cutting-edge advancements shaping the future of high-rise buildings.

The session was scheduled for 19th of July from 4:00 PM to 05:30 PM.


Design Trends in High-rise Buildings
Mr. Sarfaraz Shaikh, Director, Ambrosia Designs: “Optimising Fire & Safety Systems and Enhancing Energy Efficiency for High Rise Buildings”
Ar. Kshiti Bhargava, Sr.Architect, Arcmax Architects & Planners: “Design Trends in High rise Buildings – The SMART Design”
Ar. Pooja Nikhar, Sr. Associates, Morphogenesis: “Integrating Design and Sustainability into High Rise Buildings”
Mr. Raaghav N., CEO, A PLUS R Architects: “Dialogue on Intelligent Highrise Buildings”

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