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Designing Modern Airports | Panel Discussion | ACE Update

We were delighted to announce an accomplished webinar on ‘Designing Modern Airports,’ which presented an enlightening exploration of the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in airport design and development. Our webinar aimed to bring together industry experts, architects, engineers, aviation professionals, and enthusiasts to explore the innovative solutions and cutting-edge strategies that were shaping the airports of the future. The expert speakers, who hailed from the forefront of sustainable architecture and the latest technology, shared their valuable insights and experiences. They demonstrated the synergy of artistic expression and green building principles, showcasing how architecture could elevate the visual appeal of an airport while aligning with energy-efficient objectives. This session was scheduled for 17th November 2023, from 4 pm to 5:30 pm on the Zoom platform. Ar. Srilata Ramkumar IAP, Director, E&A Design Consultants LLP: “Designing of Modern Airports – An Overview of Greenfield & Brownfield Airports” Ar. Chanchal Poddar, Head of Design Studio, Design Forum International: “Terminal design and passenger experience” Ar. Komal Kotwal, Founder & Principal Consultant, EquiSustain: “Elevating sustainability in airport design and operations” Mr. Vishwajit Pandey, Country Head – Business Development, Xpereos Stones: “Natural stone enhancing modern airport designs”

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