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Maintenance tips for skyrises | ACE Update | Architecture & Design Series

High-rises have been a global fascination in the contemporary age. In India too, the skyline is dotted with taller buildings. These attractive eye candies with shimmering glass facades need proper maintenance as well. The maintenance is also important from the point of view of that the structure needs to be safe and robust in the long run.

The maintenance procedures can be quite a challenge, in case of high-rises simply because a high-rise is taller and one may have to navigate not only inside but outside the building as well to carry out the specific procedures. If that was not enough cleaning the ostentatious glass facades is an additional challenge in high-rise which needs to be addressed at regular intervals.

From proper architectural and design interventions at the very beginning of the construction of a high-rise, to timely audits and utilization of specialized technology, equipment and products; the process to make maintenance procedures of high-rises easier involves participation of architects, designers, consultants, manufacturers and vendors offering specialized services, equipment and products.

Keeping this in mind, Ace Update Architecture & Design Series had organized an online interaction on “Maintenance tips for skyrises” on 24th August 2021.

Panel Speakers:

Mr. Shanttwan Saxenaa, Appletree Building Maintenance Pvt Ltd
Mr. Deepak Mehta, Deepak Mehta Architects
Ms. Sheetal Bhilkar, Urja Building Services Consultants Pvt Ltd
Mr. Prem Nath, Prem Nath & Associates

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