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Alumil India’s market expansion in Coimbatore

Alumil India’s market expansion in Coimbatore

Leading the Indian Market, Alumil presents Its highest-end, Global Designs during the showroom opening.

Alumil India, the fully-owned Indian division of Alumil Group, a leader in the design and production of premium architectural aluminium systems worldwide, yesterday opened its first partner showroom, YD Systems Pvt Ltd, in Coimbatore. The 1000-square-foot showroom, which was opened by Theodoros Axouristos, Managing Director of Alumil India, features a wide array of Alumil’s top-notch product offerings, such as rolling shutters, railing, fencing, window and door systems, and curtain wall and facade systems.

Alumil India Opens an Exclusive Partner Showroom in Coimbatore - ACE

“As Tamil Nadu’s second-largest metropolitan city, Coimbatore has experienced consistent growth in the real estate market over the past five years. With increasing demand for housing, especially in the mid-range and premium apartment segments, we believe this is the opportune moment to introduce our showroom here. Our objective is to present our unparalleled range of products and quality to developers, contractors, and end-consumers alike, establishing Alumil products as the preferred choice for upcoming projects in the city,” says Theodoros Axouristos, Managing Director of Alumil India.

Alumil India Opens an Exclusive Partner Showroom in Coimbatore _ ACE

In the showroom, visitors can view Alumil’s wide array of aluminium product systems, spanning numerous sectors. The Comfort series is a cost-effective window system ideal for small spaces; the Smartia series consists of window and door systems that provide excellent functionality and aesthetics at an affordable price; and the newest model, the Supreme series, boasts high standards of functionality and design for modern architecture. Alumil offers electric rotating louvres for large-scale structures, top-hung and parallel pop-out doors for curtain wall glazing, and state-of-the-art barcode cladding. Taking into consideration factors like climate, geography, urbanisation, and intended usage, the designs are painstakingly made to properly match the needs of the project.

Alumil India Opens an Exclusive Partner Showroom in Coimbatore _ ACE

“We are pleased to partner with the global major – Alumil to showcase a range of superior quality products for the city’s ever-growing infrastructure. With our technically proficient team trained in international standards with ISO certifications, we believe the synergy is just right. As a city, Coimbatore is at the cusp of an all-out transformation that will require projects to keep pace with international standards of quality and engineering. Alumil’s range boasts exceptional thermal insulation, superior water-tightness performance, minimal design with discreet aluminium profiles and long-lasting flawless functionality. As urbanisation and infrastructure development continue, the demand for energy-efficient doors and windows is rising. We believe that the opening of the showroom comes at the right place and the right time for Coimbatore,” concludes Kannan Srinivasan, Managing Director of YD Systems Pvt Ltd.

For more info visit: https://www.alumil.com/international/homeowners


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