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Ambat Iconcranes sets industry standards in lifting

Ambat Iconcranes sets industry standards in lifting

Ambat Iconcranes is recognised in heavy machinery and lifting solutions industries for its commitment to precision and customer satisfaction.

The company boasts diverse crane types in its portfolio, including dredging, floating, shiploader, offshore, STS, luffing, and hammerhead cranes. Ambat Iconcranes stands out from competitors through its broad product offerings and strong partnerships with leading companies in the global crane industry. Collaborations with esteemed brands like NK Technologia Latvia, PLM Cranes Netherlands, Kroll Cranes Denmark, Kocks Ardelt Germany, and Guven Cranes Turkey provide the company with unparalleled industry experience.

Beyond product provision, Ambat Iconcranes prioritises superior engineering, stringent safety standards, and unwavering reliability, positioning itself as more than just a supplier but a trusted partner for any lifting requirement. Ambat Iconcranes sets industry standards with the support of European Associates in India for lifting, marine loading, and gangway access solutions.

Strategically positioned, Ambat Iconcranes serves as a conduit between global excellence and the specific needs of projects in the Indian and UAE markets, functioning as a channel partner for marketing and supply in these regions. In addition to its partnerships in the crane industry, Ambat Iconcranes collaborates with Gangway Solutions, a specialist in crafting customised gangway systems for various applications such as safe access to ships, offshore plants, or petrochemical facilities. Gangway Solutions offers various customisable features, including illumination, coverage, control mechanisms (manual or electric), and adjustability (telescopic or fixed). Moreover, Ambat Iconcranes is proud to be associated with SVT Developers, recognised as a global leader in Loading technology made in Germany for the safe loadings of liquids and gases from Worlds Leading company SVT Germany.

Ambat Iconcranes’ commitment to excellence extends far beyond the point of sale. The company places great value on ongoing support, offering a comprehensive range of after-sales services, annual maintenance contracts (AMC), and a reliable supply of genuine spare parts.

For more information, visit: https://www.ambaticoncranes.com/index.html


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