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An app that brings your dream bathroom or kitchen to life

An app that brings your dream bathroom or kitchen to life

Hansgrohe@home app offers users plan their dream bathroom and kitchen with a quick and realistic view of the products as they would look in their own home

The water tap is the thing we most frequently use in our bathrooms and kitchens. The shower, which is used almost on a daily basis, comes second. That’s why these water fixtures should not only be particularly durable and easy to use, but they should also be aesthetically appealing and blend harmoniously into our living environment. Do you want to see what the new tap or shower solution will look like in your home? Now you can do just that on your smartphone or tablet using the photo function on the Hansgrohe@home app.

Place products with a swipe of your finger
Would you like a kitchen mixer with a pull-out spray? Should the water tap be more classic or modern in style? Decide what looks best in your shower: An exposed, wall-mounted solution, such as a shower pipe, or an elegant concealed shower system where everything is built into the wall? Simply take a photograph of the area where you wish to install the new product and then incorporate it virtually into the bathroom or kitchen setting.

Photo function takes centre stage
The central position of the photo function in the lower part of the display’s control panel allows users to quickly and intuitively transpose the images of the desired product to their own washbasin, shower or kitchen space. With the help of 2D and 3D imaging, users can even swivel the mixer to adjust it to fit their particular washbasin situation. The Hansgrohe@home app offers users a quick and nearly realistic view of the new product as it would look in their own home. The resulting image can be emailed, saved for later viewing or printed out for a specialist consultation.

Mobile kitchen and bathroom planning
“The Hansgrohe@home app is also helpful when you are away from home: when visiting a bathroom or kitchen showroom, customers can easily check to see which washbasin or shower cubicle best suits or matches the desired mixer or shower solution,” says Joachim Huber, Head of Hansgrohe Brand Marketing. “If you wish to share your new washbasin, shower or dream kitchen with others, you can use the app to connect to social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter.” Another convenient feature: the hyperlinked Hansgrohe store locator provides a list of dedicated kitchen and bathroom retailers closest to you. It also includes information such as telephone numbers, opening hours, and email and website addresses.

Easy download
The Hansgrohe@home 4.3 application is available in 13 languages and can be downloaded free
of charge from the Android-Marketplace1 through Google Play, or from the iTunes store at http://itunes.de/app/hansgrohehome. The app’s user navigation is intuitive and has also been optimised for use on android mobile devices.


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