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APICES Studio collabs with HOSMART for healthcare facility

APICES Studio collabs with HOSMART for healthcare facility

APICES Studio Pvt. Ltd., a leading architecture firm known for its innovative and comprehensive design solutions, has announced a strategic collaboration with HOSMART, a prominent hospital management company specialising in navigating the intricacies of the global healthcare market.

As APICES and HOSMART team together to offer end-to-end solutions for healthcare facility development, this partnership represents a critical turning point for the industry.

Apart from providing all-inclusive design solutions, APICES Studio Pvt. Ltd is an expert in establishing data Centres, IT Business Centres, Residential Complexes, and Mixed-Use Facilities. It is currently expanding its knowledge base to include other industries. As an established architectural practise that has been working on a variety of projects since 2004, APICES is well-positioned to take the lead in this cooperation. The company will work closely with clients, getting a comprehensive grasp of their initiatives and leaving the healthcare part to HOSMART’s experience. HOSMART, with its exclusive focus on healthcare, will manage every one of the other healthcare-related needs that the clients specify, including personnel allocation, equipment planning, and space planning.

Commenting on the collaboration, Hardik Pandit, Director of APICES Studio Pvt Ltd, says, “We are thrilled to embark on this collaboration with HOSMART, a company that brings unparalleled expertise in healthcare facility management and design. This partnership allows us to combine our established platform with HOSMART’s specialised technicality, offering clients a seamless and comprehensive approach to healthcare facility development. Together, we aim to address the evolving needs of the Indian healthcare market and contribute to the growth of the healthcare vertical.”

APICES Studio Pvt Ltd aims to introduce a novel approach that integrates Virtual Reality (VR) experiences and leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance healthcare design by incorporating state-of-the-art technology into all aspects of healthcare design. Through this creative use of VR, clients will be able to experience and refine designs in a virtual setting before their real implementation. AI algorithms will be used in tandem to improve the user experience, optimise space layouts, and streamline operational efficiencies. APICES aims to expand the bounds of traditional architectural techniques by seamlessly incorporating VR and AI into their designs. This will ensure that healthcare environments surpass industry demands and set new standards for user-centric design innovation.

The partnership will mainly focus on private healthcare providers, such as independent physicians wishing to open mid-sized or large-scale healthcare facilities. Furthermore, the collaboration will broaden its scope to include the public sector by working with state governments to increase the number of ICU beds and facilities across different regions.

Ar. Yadneshwar R Pathak, Director of HOSMART Healthcare, emphasised, “Post COVID Era, it’s the phase where all industries are aware of the need for the number of beds in cities and towns. In the healthcare fraternity, doctors, with all their excellence in their field, are more willing to add better infrastructure to their healthcare setups. Other non-medical businesses are looking at healthcare as their social responsibility as well as a reliable option to diversify their businesses. Governments of all developing countries from Africa, North Asia, South East Asia, and South America have increased the funding and are also ensuring that there is an upsurge in the development of the healthcare sector holistically.”

He continued, “We at HOSMART work purely for the passion towards healthcare research and have established the organisation in Thane, where the collaboration with a senior establishment like APICES Studio Pvt Ltd is a big opportunity to strengthen the workforce collectively with complimentary and comprehensive intelligence to the field of healthcare for technically advanced, precise, and cost-effective solutions.”

The worldwide viewpoint of this partnership is one of its key components. Working with HOSMART, which is presently present in Africa and is looking at the potential in South America and Ukraine, APICES intends to concentrate on meeting worldwide healthcare needs wherever they arise. Together, the partners hope to maintain international standards for healthcare facility planning and architecture, guaranteeing a consistent, superior approach to healthcare infrastructure everywhere.

Through this partnership, APICES Studio and HOSMART are dedicated to attaining excellence in healthcare design by pursuing certifications such as IGBC, LEED, and WELL that are recognised both domestically and worldwide. These certifications demonstrate the commitment to ecologically responsible, sustainable designs that put occupant health and well-being first. Building Information Modelling (BIM) simulations are another tool used in the collaborative approach that guarantees accuracy and productivity during the design and construction stages. HOSMART is an integrated team of doctors, hospital administrators, medical planners, architects, engineers, interior designers, bio-medical experts, chartered accountants, IT specialists, and communication experts working together as healthcare strategists and facility planners. Acknowledging healthcare as a commendable service as well as a commercial venture, HOSMART focuses on streamlining operational challenges for healthcare providers, coordinating designs with their goals, and creating spaces that balance innovation and tradition.

APICES and HOSMART collaborate to manage statutory approvals from municipal authorities and healthcare authorities, respectively. This approach optimises the client development process by leveraging core competencies and guaranteeing optimal efficiency. The joint venture is a testament to APICES and HOSMART’s dedication to transforming the design of healthcare facilities and creating environments that adhere to the strictest guidelines for compliance, aesthetics, and usefulness.


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