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Architecture: a great form of art

“Anything that is related to aesthetic beauty is an art,” says Architect Rajeev K Saini
Over the years, architect has become a great piece of artistry. As an art, architecture is as important as painting, the basic form of art. In an interview with ACE Update, Architect Rajeev K Saini shares his journey as an architect.
Journey to architecture As a child I was very fond of creating structures of sand in my village. All that used to be so fascinating for me that I used to spend hours doing so. Buildings used to attract me immensely. As a young man, I visited various places, including big cities and historical towns. During these visits, I developed a habit of looking at the buildings more intensely and that finally drew me to the field of architecture.  Architecture as artIt is not just a belief but reality that the architecture is an art. In fact, it is a great form of art. Anything that is related to aesthetic beauty is an art. Architect is a medium to create aesthetic beauties in form of buildings and structures. Over the years, architect has become a great piece of artistry. Beautifully architected buildings remain registered in the mind for years. In fact, great buildings have more lasting effect on one’s mind than that of paintings, which is considered a basic form of art. Evolution as an architect Over the years, I have learnt a lot while practicing the architecture. For me as a student, it was just a drawing line on the piece of paper. However, when I actually saw the buildings coming up on the basis of the drawings prepared by me, it initiated the process of my evolvement as an architect. From single storey structure to multi-storey structure and from small groups to big housing groups were the further steps in my evolvement. Current projects Currently, I am working on housing “Multistories Apartment” project with affordable, sustainable and green architecture in India and abroad.
Importance of green buildings Green building plays very important role in architecture as there are some mandatory features which need to be followed while designing a building. However, green features in building led them breath, speak and adapt the atmosphere with nature which is very important. Although new technologies are constantly being developed to complement current practices in creating greener structures, the common objective is that green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment.
Challenge to the architectsThere are so many challenges before the new-age architects. First, all the capital cost of the land had gone up and availability of land is becoming scarce. Challenge before the architect is to create must purposeful structures even in on small pieces of land available. Other challenge is to make the structures eco-friendly. Third challenge is to design the structure in such a manner that it should be economical. Words of wisdom My first advice to architects is that they should practice their art in such a manner that it should avoid the wastage of material. They should focus on promoting the nature friendly architect. Minimal use of resources maximum benefit should be the goal of an architect.


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