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Asian Paints’ ColourNext launches colour of the year

Asian Paints’ ColourNext launches colour of the year

The only programme of its type in the subcontinent, Asian Paints’ ColourNext Colour and Material Intelligence Forecast, creates a colour, material, finish, and texture forecast as well as reveals the Colour of the Year each year. This prediction reflects the Zeitgeist of its day and is influenced by the year’s cultural and social developments.

Terra, chosen as the 2024 Colour of the Year, has deep, primordial undertones that evoke a strong sense of security and identity. It tells a tale of finding comfort in the midst of chaos with its nostalgic, reddish colours. Goblin Mode, Into the Deep, Soil, and Indo Futurism are the four anticipated design directions that go along with it in 2024.

Speaking about ColourNext 2024, Amit Syngle, Managing Director and CEO of Asian Paints Ltd., commented, “As we mark the 21st year of Asian Paints ColourNext, it remains a driving force in shaping the design and decor industry, adding to the colour and material intelligence in a strong way. Each carefully curated trend not only tells stories but also serves to inspire and influence the industry towards ideas based on socio-economic changes and the design evolution around us. In 2024, with Terra as our Colour of the Year, we delve even deeper into the realm of authenticity and innovation. It’s more than just a shade; it’s a journey back to our roots, to our essence. Alongside this, we present four captivating trends—Soil, Into the Deep, Indo-Futurism, and Goblin Mode—each narrating a unique story of rediscovery and originality. Through every trend, our goal is to spark creativity, foster connections, and evoke a sense of belonging. This year’s colour and trend palette is, at its core, a celebration of individuality and introspection. ColourNext 2024 continues its legacy, inspiring creativity and setting the tone for a vibrant and dynamic design journey.”

The ColourNext forecasting process from Asian Paints has been mapping consumer behaviour, purchasing patterns, socio-cultural emotions, and lifestyle shifts for more than 20 years. The team conducts contests, interviews, and workshops with notable individuals and industry specialists from many institutions, culminating in the creation of the colour prediction. This has developed into the most anticipated and unique intelligence in terms of colour and material on the subcontinent. The complete forecast, which was assembled through extensive research by the nation’s most eminent tastemakers in the domains of architecture, art, interior design, fashion, sociology, media, and FMCG, is supported by the science of research instruments and colour psychology. Every year, ColourNext expands its reach and presence, making a significant impact on and influencing the world of design and colour. 

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In these constantly shifting times, there is an increasing need for emotional stability, familiarity, and comfort, which is why Terra is the Colour of the Year. It transports us back to our most authentic selves by striking a chord with our most profound recollections. It evokes the comforting feeling of returning home, where our familiarity envelops us in a haven of stable emotions. Terra is the colour that subtly whispers the language of belonging in a world when it feels like we are detached from ourselves. Terra is the thread that weaves us back into the fabric of who we are. Every forecast story that goes with it tells a story that appeals to people in a different way. 

Soil is the road to creative design. Once taken for granted as the ground beneath our feet, it has developed into a sophisticated material that encourages exploration and curiosity in design. It is evidence of the investigation of materiality, where soil grain has been reconfigured into innovative shapes. Beyond its unprocessed, handmade beginnings, dirt has been creatively repurposed by humans into avant-garde constructions with striking, modern aesthetics. As a result of this evolution, soil is now able to take on a variety of dynamic forms that demonstrate its versatility. Soil connects its earthy roots with cutting-edge design by fusing precise workmanship with a futuristic vision, paving the way for innovation and rediscovery.

Into the Deep welcomes the magical depths of marine wonders. The undersea world inspires contemplation as well as amazement with its biomorphic forms and striking light interaction. Because of the ocean’s delicate beauty—fragile and susceptible to human interference—mindful designs are inspired to highlight the ocean’s crucial role in the planet’s ecosystem. Encouraging a design philosophy that reflects the dynamic and fragile nature of the ocean directs us to create areas and items that evoke the calm, deep essence of the marine environment.

Indofuturism represents the nation’s retro-futuristic cultural fabric. A lively visual language has been developed by the combination of science fiction and India’s rich cultural legacy. This retro-futuristic style daringly combines a narrative driven by technology with the iconic components of a nostalgic past. It is a celebration of our history that rejects outside interpretations in favour of welcoming unique contributions from pop culture and establishes India as a global player. 

Goblin Mode is a cheerful acceptance of oneself as you are. A new mentality is evolving as a result of a high-productivity culture and the never-ending quest for perfection. Focusing on detachment and restorative disengagement, this is a deliberate move away from the never-ending need to present a flawless picture in all facets of life. This method creates environments that are sanctuaries of quiet and honesty, symbolising release from the concerns fueled by social media and unattainable societal norms.

Samsara, the Wallpaper of the Year, features layered lines that resemble rugged landscapes and an enigmatic, powerful composure. It evokes the vast and overwhelming beauty of soil using pigments made from dirt, tea leaves, and natural dyes, crushed with gouache wash and glittering gold leaf.

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