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Becoming a great architect

“A great architect means who reaches bottom of the society with humanity to the top,” says Architect S. P. Anchuri
 Does architecture have to look strange to be considered best? Does it have to show us something we never seen before? Should it do what we distinguish well? What makes someone a great architect?
According to the architect Er. S. P. Anchuri, a great architect means who reaches bottom of the society with humanity to the top. Architecture caters one of the three basic needs of the human being: roti, kapda and makan.
What architects generally project is something different. This is the reason only 5 per cent buildings are architect designed. Ar. Anchuri’s aim right from beginning is to reach common man or reach those who are in need.
When Ar. Anchuri completed his first graduation in civil engineering, he thought engineering works well if concept is good which is a dream of an architect. He took up architecture and did his second graduation which is in architecture and was registered with COA. In order to create more sustainable and eco-conscious designs, he thought integration of structure and architecture is essential. Then he completed M.Tech in structural engineering. To manage the application, he did MBA. To create and innovate, he is pursuing Ph.D in structural engineering, keeping architectural background in mind.
He has also been part of almost all the professional bodies. About 30 per cent of my time and money he spends on the same. He has received appreciations from Indian Institute of Architects, IAStructE, ACCE, ICI and others.
That does not mean that architecture has to be a question of formal innovation or even the invention of new forms, shapes, or images. He also believes that the surprise of the strangely familiar can be more effective than startling us, especially in a form of art that we usually experience through use and inhabitation. In his designs, he emphasises on natural resources, including maximum day light. Reflection is his identity in design. Reflection with sky lighting is always a highlight of his concept.


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