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Building Green with Aluminium

Building Green with Aluminium

Explaining the green features of aluminium.

Aluminium is lightweight, strong and recyclable, which can also help lower energy cost and carbon emission in building and construction. Properly coated aluminium roofs can help improve building energy efficiency. There are many green properties of aluminium. In this article we present what the green features of aluminium and offerings from the players.

What is so green about aluminium?
By default core raw material Aluminium is endlessly recyclable. Aluminium have a long life span, they literally last years without showing much wear and tear. They stand up well to weather extremities yet will retain their new and shiny look. If one lives in area of high humidity or experience huge rain, it is best to select aluminium for ones needs.

Aluminium has always been the first choice with architects and developers due to its properties on being a lighter material to be used on high-rise considering to reduce the structural load on a building along with its properties of being stronger and flexible to be customised as per intend on a lower cost. It offers most options on its colours accepting techniques in powder coating, anodising and PVDF, believes Kushal Bajaj, Executive Director, Geeta Aluminium Co. Pvt Ltd.

The most important factor these days is to meet modern architectural requirements by maintaining safety measures, need of the hour is to deliver effective solutions during emergency situations. Aluminium being a soft metal has all capabilities to incorporate various safety features as desired.

He adds, “Aluminium is light weight, durable and 100 per cent recyclable, there are multiple pre-engineered options available towards safety with aluminium windows considering weather conditions and security. Acceptance of windows with safety features is less due to lack of awareness with the common man. With continuous efforts we are educating and upgrading the fenestration in India.

While briefing about the green features of aluminium Amit Bhadu, Marketing Manager- India, Technal, Sapa BS India explains, “A house or a building today is not less than a machine, we are living in. Modern building and construction is more than merely erecting structures as functionally as possible. Aluminium, the building material for the modern age, established itself as an important factor in the building and construction industry during the course of the 20th century. Possible applications range from façades, windows and doors, conservatories, interior decoration, aluminium formwork and many more.”

He adds, “Aluminium being blessed with high weight to strength ratio, getting a clear edge over other material in providing optimised solution. Fluctuating energy prices are also on everybody’s minds. Aluminium with polyamide insulator improves home energy efficiency and is available in India today. Aluminium is a green metal. It could recycle infinitely without losing its original properties.”

Openings covered with structural aluminium with integrated glass are an essential element in your home’s liveability. They are its eyes, ears and even nose, letting in light, sound and scent. At the same time, they can draw in and hold warmth, welcome a natural breeze or banish a frigid wind. Good-quality, energy-efficient systems are a must for a climate like India, believes Bhadu.

Offerings from aluminium players
Windows and doors are one of the core ingredients in modern architecture connecting the exterior with interior of a home or an office. Currently when there is a trending high-rise with growing urban population, architects and developers should consider factors like quality and safety while developing environment friendly structures.

Geeta Aluminium Co Pvt Ltd understands that aluminium extrusion gets its best shape only when the fabrication is good with its required hardware’s. The company has interacted with lots of customers who had been having problem on aluminium doors and windows due to the poor quality hardware and material. Keeping in mind the initiative of providing “customised and economical solutions” its Research & Development team is already working with renowned aluminium extruders to make aluminium system windows at reasonable / lower cost without altering the quality.

While explaining the challenge Bajaj says, “Biggest challenge in current situation is providing energy efficient solutions, as air conditioning being the basic requirement these days we have designed our windows to be completely air-tight with multi-chambered profiles that are properly insulated with gaskets avoiding direct transfer of heat or cold air to impact on inside conditions.”

Geeta Series – Thermal Break Window
High performance Geeta Series – Thermal Break Windows meet energy efficiency standards, which helps in reduction of heat gain through windows. Thermal Break windows are tightly shut to cut down outside heat and maintain room temperatures.

Geeta’s heat resistance windows keep your house precisely insulated in summers and come with allied multiple features:
• Polyamide strip gives optimised thermal insulation along with DG glass.
• Glazing choice ranges from 8mm – 24mm (Triple Glazing Option is also available).
• Multi Point locking available.

Sapa BS India’s range of facade and fenestration
Technal, Sapa BS India is working to be the most environmentally responsible “green” company possible. It’s the company’s goal to install the most energy-efficient products available today because it recognises the value this brings you and our environment. “We strive to save energy, safeguard the environment and reduce our carbon footprint,” says Bhadu.

He adds, ‘We are offering a comprehensive range of high performance and reliable products in doors, windows and facade. Our complementary offerings like PV integrated sun shades, facades help in generating power and reduce load over centralised and reduce environmental impact.”


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