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Buildings that allow us to breathe clean

Buildings that allow us to breathe clean

Builders are being able to achieve this by tying up with green tech companies that are rolling out innovative air cleaner solutions.

As per a report released in March 2019, 22 of the world’s 30 most polluted cities are in India. Gurugram, once nicknamed as the ‘Millennium City’ of India and one of the most important suburbs of the country’s capital, is on the number one spot of this list to nobody’s elation. In 2018, the average air quality index of the city was 135.8 – thrice of what the US Environmental Protection Agency considers as healthy. Globally, air pollution is anticipated to cause 7 million pre-mature deaths in 2020 with an equally insidious economic impact.

The quality of the air that we breathe has reached deplorable levels. While the government has taken cognizance of the situation and acted by rolling out several initiatives and programmes, the most recent of which is the National Clean Air Programme launched on January 10 this year, the impact of these exercises will take a while before being palpable. The government’s target is to reduce air pollution by 20-30 per cent by 2024 but 5 years is a long time to keep breathing severely harmful air.

The problem of air quality is not just impacting human life, it is also creating deep and challenging roadblocks for the economy. The travel and tourism sector is one of the most susceptible ones to this problem. A survey conducted by Opinion Research Corp. indicated that 66.6 per cent of frequent travelers and hotel guests are most concerned about the indoor air quality in the spaces they live in while travelling.

To alleviate such concerns as well as to offer a meaningful solution to the indoor air quality problem, the real estate industry and the hospitality sector in India are together taking matters in their proverbial hands as far as possible. Yes, the large-scale deleterious situation can only be solved by policy initiative and government action but a few innovations and a conscious investment in making indoor air cleaner at the private sector level can also create a significant difference by improving the quality of life we are currently living.

For starters, many of the top Indian real estate builders are waking up to the importance of constructing property that has an in-built air purification system for the benefit of their buyers. They are assuring patrons that the air they breathe within their apartment complex or housing premises is far superior to the air outside as measured by the PM 2.5 levels. Builders are being able to achieve this by tying up with green tech companies that are rolling out innovative air cleaner solutions. For example, an advanced multi-stage central air cleaning unit developed by an Indian company integrates with the existing HVAC system to remove PM 10, PM 2.5, bacteria, VOCs and other pollutants from the entire area of a housing complex. It provides uniform air purification in all corners, has no recurring consumables, and is a complete indoor air quality improvement solution. By incorporating such solutions into their offerings, new-age buildings aren’t just earning themselves the coveted ‘green’ tag with greater ease, they are also attracting a large chunk of health-conscious new buyers at a faster clip.

Similarly, top players in the hospitality industry of India are adopting these solutions to ensure that the discerning travelers, foreign guests and important dignitaries who stay in their premises are breathing the best possible air quality. Since the levels of pollution in India are such a grave concern for people within and outside the country, providing ‘clean air’ as a commodity or as a unique offering is quickly emerging as a norm in the industry from being an ahead-of-its-time initiative as it once was. What started with The Oberoi hotel in New Delhi in its revamped avatar is now catching up across the spectrum with players such as Taj Hotels, The Leela, Jaypee etc. showing an eagerness to adopt similar technology that offers the luxury of clean air to guests apart from other high-end comforts.

Magneto CleanTech’s innovative solution for this realm, for instance, focuses on large-scale clean air delivery through its special central air cleaner, designed specifically for hotel FCU, AHU and TFA type air conditioners. The air purification systems can be applied in any room without modifying the existing air circulation or cooling systems at economical costs. Such startups are recognising the indigenous needs of our region and providing meaningful solutions to air pollution.

Being able to breathe clean and pure air is a fundamental human right. However, having access to such clean and healthy air in India, and especially in the Delhi-NCR region, seems like a dim prospect at best in the near future. With the innovations delivered by clean tech startups, along with the investments that are being made by hospitality and real estate players, however,the chances of all of us collectively leading a healthier life are much higher.

Authored by:
Himanshu Agarwal,
CEO and Founder,
Magneto CleanTech


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