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A Tale of Transparency, Lights and Colors

Ar. Arjun Rathi speaks on diverse interior and decor trends along with the launch of his flagship design gallery in Chembur, Mumbai. Which interior and decor trends are currently prevalent in urban India? Generally speaking, interior design is very diverse in India. For example, talking with a client in Bombay, their modern design style is […]

StrenInn Technology process entails the natural stone or marble retains its durability

Green Building Construction and Mechanism with respect to natural stone sourcing and importing refers to a structure and applying environmentally responsible and resource-efficient processes. A-Class Marble’s Revolutionary StrenInn Technology continues the legacy of marble by constantly adding innovations for creating marble for eternity. StrenInn is a blend of the words ‘Strength’ and ‘Innovation,’ which are […]

Passive building design is a great starting point while addressing the built environment

With the construction industry contributing majorly to the alarming global warming levels, there is a pressing need for solutions addressing the adverse environmental impacts. Unfortunately, India ranked lowest in the 2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), which is evaluated based on 40 performance indicators, including climate change, environmental public health, and ecosystem vitality. The industry has […]

Rev up your bath spaces with…

After two tough years, we have ushered in 2022, its time to look at the trends which will define well-designed bath spaces this year. Bathrooms in our functionalist, modern homes have been conventionally designed as bare and utilitarian. The character which defines conventional bathrooms is white walls, neutral tiles and subdued fittings, where nothing particularly […]

Real Estate vs Environment – Who’s Winning in India?

India, with its massive and ever-growing population, is witnessing rapid economic growth. Large infrastructure and industrial projects, including highways, rural road network and SEZs, are obviously a necessity to accommodate this growth. However, they also raise threats to biodiversity, as cities and townships are expanding at the cost of agriculture, which in turn relies on […]

Energy-efficient windows minimise heat leakage

Technologically advanced windows and doors can help reduce the dependence on power for maintaining habitable conditions in a room. An increasing trend in the rise in the construction of high rises has automatically demanded a pressing call for doors and windows which would be accommodating with the environment by being energy-efficient and minimise heat loss, […]