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Passive building design is a great starting point while addressing the built environment

With the construction industry contributing majorly to the alarming global warming levels, there is a pressing need for solutions addressing the adverse environmental impacts. Unfortunately, India ranked lowest in the 2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), which is evaluated based on 40 performance indicators, including climate change, environmental public health, and ecosystem vitality. The industry has […]

Milium International: Transcending conventional hierarchies

Real Estate vs Environment – Who’s Winning in India?

India, with its massive and ever-growing population, is witnessing rapid economic growth. Large infrastructure and industrial projects, including highways, rural road network and SEZs, are obviously a necessity to accommodate this growth. However, they also raise threats to biodiversity, as cities and townships are expanding at the cost of agriculture, which in turn relies on […]

Milium International: Transcending conventional hierarchies

Energy-efficient windows minimise heat leakage

Technologically advanced windows and doors can help reduce the dependence on power for maintaining habitable conditions in a room. An increasing trend in the rise in the construction of high rises has automatically demanded a pressing call for doors and windows which would be accommodating with the environment by being energy-efficient and minimise heat loss, […]

Milium International: Transcending conventional hierarchies

Artistic sanitary ware for modern construction

Visually attractive and environment-friendly sanitary ware in high-rises is a blessing in disguise For having a pleasant bathing and hygiene experience, one might find it imperative to have visually appealing artistic sanitary ware and bathroom fittings, which would also complement their personality and the aura of their home. Maurizio Meloda, Technical & Operations Director, GRAFF […]

Picturesque pool area crafted by Beyond Designs

Integrated security, surveillance solutions help achieve security

High-rise buildings have garnered significant attention in the safety world over the years. Safety in high-rise buildings, particularly fire safety, has always been a challenge over the years for builders, building management and providers of safety and security equipment and technology. The risk of one’s safety, onset of mishaps and the management’s inability to prevent […]

Milium International: Transcending conventional hierarchies

Think out of the box to improve the quality and safety standards

The stone flooring industry should prioritise making the whole experience of customer service extremely professional and pleasurable, says Prasan Shah – CEO & Founder of Hyderabad-based Stone Plus Enterprises Pvt Ltd, in an interaction with ACE Update. Brief us about your offerings. We export granite, marble, quartz and semi-precious gemstones from India. Though our extended […]

Milium International: Transcending conventional hierarchies